Why So Many JWs Are Sick ( and What to Do About it)

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  • Ingenuous

    Back in February, I started experiencing severe fatigue and muscle pain. My GP couldn't figure it out. The osteopath couldn't figure it out. The rheumatologist said, "Good luck." My mom's friend, who has CF/FM said it was what she had. I had tender points all over my body, would wake up in the middle of the night with my muscles screaming from laying on a particular area too long. Nothing got rid of the pain, including Bextra. I couldn't get enough sleep; no matter how long I was in bed, I was exhausted all day. There were days I couldn't do much more than lay on my back and watch TV, though I was often too tired to pay attention to it.

    I stopped doing the JW thing between a month and 6 weeks ago and started working through my questions and conflicts with the Org. I've had practically no symptoms since. Maybe my unconscious mind knew something I didn't? Maybe I'm still on the high I get from my new freedom?


  • TheListener

    I agree with Logansrun about having hard proof before making a declarative statement. However, whether or not there is an offical study or figures on JW sicknesses, various members of the congregations seem to agree that a lot of witnesses are sick. The ones I've talked with chalk it up to Satan's system keeping them busy and under pressure - more so than the worldly folks.

    As sort of proof, although not definitive by any means, is the fact that the society has printed articles on many of these diseases (CF, FM, depression, repressed memories, etc) in the last 5-10 years. These were subjects that I don't recall seeing before then. Perhaps the diseases didn't exist then (with the exception of stress and depression) so there was no need to discuss it. In the past the friends were discouraged from seeking mental help from a professional, now it's accepted as a helpful course - if you're careful.

  • Honesty

    The reason they are so sick is because one of the results of spiritual healing is physical healing. In other words, the JW's are not being spiritually healed. No, they are being spiritually abused by a demon inspired cult and the end result manifests itself in mental and physical abnormalities and diseases that most people do not have to contend with.

  • ezekiel3

    We're Jehovah's Witnesses... we speak out in fearlessness

    Our is the God of true prophecy, what he foretells comes to zzzzz.

  • GetBusyLiving

    :In other words, they don't want to play anymore but the peer pressure is too great to just stop.

    This is so true. Most of the dubs I know can't imagine ever believing anything else, even though they do nothing but incessently bitch and complain about the org.

    I just got an email not too long ago from an ex-friend of mine that's currently still a dub and he just sounded like total shit. Funny thing is, I got the impression between the lines of his email that he thought I might be even worse off. I made sure to let him know I'm doing great. You really gotta feel sorry for em.


  • TD

    It's true that the conclusion has been assumed beforehand, but that misses the point. I think Met was sufficiently clear that he was not speaking authoritively and his "evidence" was purely anecdotal.

    I'm not a medical professional - but I feel very strongly about this issue and want to pass it along.

    Why are so many Witnesses so sick? Why do they often seem to be plagued by strange, chronic illnesses - that often appear

    to have a strong psychosomatic element? MS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Self Mutilation, Depression, Repressed Memories,

    Anorexia, out-of-control allergies, you name it.....?

    This pretty much matches my experience as well. I've never associated with a social group whose members seemed to be afflicted with as many vague symptoms and complaints as the JW's.

  • Carmel

    what's an "average person" loggy?


  • acadian
    Regarding JW illnesses, it does seem that they are plagued with mystery diseases fairly often.

    I had my share of mystery illnesses. If I didn't feel like going to the meeting and didn't feel like explaining the real reason to my wife I'd invent some imaginary pain in some imaginary organ or muscle group. Many advantages to doing this.
    1. I'd miss the meeting.
    2. I'd get to play on the computer.
    3. I'd get to order in pizza while wifey was at the meeting.
    4. I'd get all kinds of extra attention from wifey, something along the lines of "pooooor baaaaby!!!" And a pat on the head.

    Quit going to the meetings and field service and you'll feel much better.

    or it's SATAN

  • acadian

    Just Kidding !!!

  • metatron

    Once again,

    "intellectual disdain".

    I don't consult a weatherman to find out the wind direction. Neither do I use a laser based calculator to cross the street.

    Experts have their place - but I reject a slavish dependence on them apart from what I can see with my own eyes.

    Even when experts can be found, their findings are often rejected for ad hominem biases anyway. It makes little sense

    to me for a religion to expect outsiders to judge them as "devoted", "faithful", "good people" or other favorable remarks

    while rejecting all other negative observations - especially in that they deliberately reject surveys and statistical methods.


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