going to england

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  • ballistic
    Enjoy it & english beer is VERY weak!!!!

    errr, that's probably bad advice and completely wrong!! Are you trying to get google drunk?

  • LouBelle

    ballistic it's like drinking watered down ale....*shiver* unless you poms consider that week. Don't know how american beer measures up to S.A beer - but I think we've got the strongest stuff around.

    or google - if I take the fish on the plane, flush him down the loo - he just may sprout feathers. More likely turn into an iceblock.

  • ballistic

    Well I don't know anything at all about South African beer but the stregnth of beers in Europe are generally far stronger than the US, and they're served in much larger measures, "pints". There's only a few countries in the world that serve beer stronger than Britain and they are mainly in central Europe, Belgium etc and serve beer in much smaller units. cheers!

  • Valis
    There's only a few countries in the world that serve beer stronger than Britain

    HA! And I still outdrank you all bwahahahah!!!!!!

  • ballistic
  • katiekitten
    Enjoy it & english beer is VERY weak!!!!

    Ahh, I have to disagree. We have CAMRA here - the Campaign for Real Ale. If you find a CAMRA pub you are laughing (crying, telling everyone you love them, kissing the dog by the real fire, showing them just how you plough fields with llamas in your country etc etc)

    CAMRA ales are brewed by small breweries, and are generally quite strong. A mild ale will typically be about 3% to 3.6%, an ordinary bitter from 3.7% to 3.9% and stronger ales range all the way up to 10% (this being virtually as strong as wine).

    Most lagers you can buy in a supermarket in Britain are between 4.5% to 5.2%.

    Britains top ten must try beers (as voted by the Glenfiddich Drink writer of the year) are:

    1. Brakspear Bitter, Oxfordshire

    2. B&T Edwin Taylor’s Stout, Bedfordshire

    3. Cains Dark Mild, Liverpool

    4. Crouch Vale Brewers Gold, Essex

    5. Fullers ESB, London

    6. Harvey’s Sussex Best Bitter, Sussex

    7. Harviestoun Bitter & Twisted, Scotland

    8. Marston's Pedigree, Burton upon Trent

    9. Taylor’s Landlord, Keighley, Yorkshire

    10. Young’s Bitter, London

  • katiekitten

    I can personally recommend Newquay Steam Bitter (in funky old fashioned stopper top bottles), Marstons Pedigree, Gloucester Old Spot and Courage Directors.

  • Es

    have a great holiday, im jealous :( es

  • sonnyboy
    No its not true about the beer thing, last orders is usually 11pm

    I thought that midnight was early...

    Most clubs around here stay open until 1 or 2 am, but they can't serve drinks after 12.

  • LouBelle

    Our beers average alcohol % is 5.5. Some go very high. Perhaps I need to be educated in british beer. Shall try a good few pints when I visit.

    Have a great time google.

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