How do i get out of this one?

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  • Es

    Hi all I had invited my next door neighbour and her boyfriend at the time to my engagement, at the engagement when he thought we wernt looking her b\f was seen taking my friends full pack of cigarettes and put it in his pocket. They broke up and she got us involved for suport so we helped her out with this guy. Then a few weeks later he was back but just as "friends" i gave her her wedding invitation and told her she could bring a friend as long as it wasnt that guy and she said "oh dont worry im not bringing him". Well now they are back together she lies about it but its so obvious that they are back together and im a little worried she is going to rsvp to the wedding and say George is coming. Should i wait till the the rsvp date is over and say oh its too late we have already booked the numbers and thats why we put a rsvp date? or do i risk it and on the off chance she does rsvp on time handle it from there? es

  • wanderlustguy

    I'd say handle it when it comes up unless you are 1 on 1 with her before then.

  • skyman

    It is your life but If I was you and she is a good friend I would let him come.

  • talesin

    That's a sticky one, especially where she is your neighbour. hmmm,,, I would probably remind her if she RSVPs in time, that you do not want him there as he is a thief, but that is me! You do have to live next door, and it could get quite uncomfortable if she takes offense. (my parents always taught me not to get friendly with the neighbours past borrowing a cup of sugar, etc. for this very reason) Let's hope she is late in replying, and you can use the excuse of not having the place booked.

    good luck w/ it!



  • Ellie

    Es, its your big day and if you don't feel comfortable with him being there then don't let him come, just talk to her and tell her how you feel, if she is a true friend she will understand.

  • Legolas

    I agree with Ellie, It's YOUR day don't let them ruin it .

  • Legolas

    And "Congratulations" by the way!!! Bride and Groom Singing Bears

  • orangefatcat

    Es I would be cautious on this matter ,if she lies to you, she may just bring him anyway and it is your very special day and tell her you don't want her showing up with this guy and that is that and if she values your friend ship she will comply.

    thanks sweetie for the pics of you guys and of my nephew, they are great and you and mr. es, look really happy together. Wish ing you both all the happiness life . I know the big day will be here before you know it.

    Take care

    love Orange fatcat.

  • Es

    Thanks all for the advice.....she is more my neighbour than a good friend, i dont really cherish her friendship she has a lot of problems and at the start i was there for her but she became very demanding and i dont need anymore stress in my life. she also drinks alot. But i invited her to the engagament and she knows all bout the wedding plans and so i thought it would be rude not to invite her to the wedding. She rang me yesterday and asked me over i havent been over for ages as the guy is always over. So i went over and she asked me how i was and i asked the same thing i asked if they were back together and she said not really....but all signs point to yes... george then turned up so i said "would you like me to leave" and she said no and i said i dont want to ruin our friendship but i dont like him and i dont feel compfy around me and she said i know its ok. When they broke up the second time he was sleeping outside her bedroom window in his car he was basically stalking her so its just more than the cigarettes his a creep. es

  • jgnat

    I'd tell your neighbour straight out if she tries to RSVP including "George" she is un-invited. Leave instructions with the ushers that if she is so crass to show up with George anyways, he is to be kept under supervision at all times.

    She has proven herselve undependable when it comes to George. Nobody can save her but herself now.

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