What Would You Risk Your Life Over?

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  • John Doe
    John Doe

    This is an ambiguous question to answer. After all, not a soul among us doesn’t risk his or her with every waking hour. As mortals, our lives are constantly at risk—the burger we just ate may contain mad cow, the auto we just stepped into may prove fatal, an unforeseen aneurism may whisk us away like a gust of wind, etc. etc etc.. Taking risks, therefore, is inherently a matter of degree.

    And then, how can we conclude that someone standing up to an armed robber is risking his life for something silly? Can deeply-rooted, honest principles be silly? Folding, with death at the table, may reveal that we didn’t hold our principles to be as important as we thought.

    What about recreational life endangerment—bungee jumping, sky diving, base jumping, speeding, etc. Something about self-endangerment naturally draws our interests, elevates our pulse, makes our soul tingle with the rush of being alive and on the edge.

    To answer your question, I don’t know how to define what I will risk my life for. I risk it with every waking moment, and I live. Risk is inherent within me, and I play the cards I’m dealt. When death calls, there’ll be a big jackpot for the winner.

  • FlyingHighNow

    John Doe, your comments are so true. We human beings are so fragile. We can be quite alive one minute, and then some freak thing happen and we're toast. I recall the woman who was standing by her car in a shopping center parking lot. Down the street an 18 wheeler lost a wheel, which rolled at breakneck speed down the road, into the parking lot and right over the unsuspecting woman, who was killed.

    Then the same thing happened in Andrews, Texas. Only this time the tire bounced down the road and crashed right through the plate glass window and over the booths. No one was killed though because no one was in the way.

    Then there was the lady Alabama who had a meteorite crash through her bedroom ceiling and hit her while she slept. She wasn't killed, but was injured. At any moment we can die. So we shouldn't sweat the small things and we should experience the moment. It could be all we have.

  • googlemagoogle

    1.) lots of money ;-) i mean LOTS. as in A LOT.

    2.) almost any other life. except i want someone to die. which i can't imagine.

  • Mecurious?

    Posting problems again...

  • Mecurious?

    Big-Tex and Nina may recall and incident that happened here in texas; where a waiter chased some people out of a restaurant after they left and refused to pay their bill. Well, she was ran over and killed for her holding to her "principles".

    I think she left a daughter or son behind.

  • Mecurious?

    I personally knew another guy who refused to give up his car and was shot in the head a couple of times because he valued his car over his life.

    I think it’s stupid and silly to run after people over money or material things. It shows that you value money and materials things more importantly than life.

    Nevertheless, I agree that people sometimes do things out of impulse and that’s probably what happened to 'Flyinghighnow' when she ran after that lady.

    Sure, you can die in your sleep, slip on a banana peel or a million other scenarios.

    Obviously, those are things you can't do anything about. But, to purposely put your life in danger is completely different story.



    Flying' if you had to do it over would you repeat your actions?

  • SixofNine

    I'd risk my life to report on a hurricane.

  • Mecurious?

    I'd risk my life to report on a hurricane. Why?

  • katiekitten

    My daughter. Nothing else.

  • FlyingHighNow
    Flying' if you had to do it over would you repeat your actions?

    I don't really know. I never thought about it the day I chased the lady. Maybe it's because I knew there were people everywhere, or maybe it's because at the time, so many other things were going wrong and I didn't want one more thing to go wrong. I was definitely younger then than now. You react sometimes without thinking.

    I know that I don't carry just a wallet into a mall anymore. I'm also a calmer person.

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