What Would You Risk Your Life Over?

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  • Bryan

    another life


    Have You Seen My Mother

  • talesin
    I thought you lived in a quiet part of Canada?

    Well, I do. But it is the largest city east of Montreal, and the place that many kids drift to ... I can't put it in terms of an English city, because all the ones I know of are very large, but we have about 1/4 million population in the city proper. The rest of Atlantic Canada is pretty much small town, and mostly rural.

    And yes, life here is a lot safer than, say, Toronto or Vancouver. You can still walk (most of) the neighbourhoods anytime night or day. But 'youth at risk' do foolish things, like inviting strange guys over in the middle of the night. And of course, you KNOW these guys were predators ... what other kind of 20-something is chatting up 17 year old young gurls and coming to their place at 2 a.m.?

    If there is trouble to get into,,, street kids will find it! Their whole life is one big crisis ... so sad.


  • Sparkplug

    My children, my loved ones. Perhaps freedom. I would like to think I would have so many causes to risk my life over..but right now, I think I maybe this is the few things I could preplanned risk it all over. Anything else would have to be an instantanious thing.....example, a child being hurt.

  • outoftheorg

    I was trained to shoot to kill, if I was convinced that another person was about to take a life.

    As to whether I would risk my life, several things would direct me.

    Can I succeed? What are the odds?

    How did this person get into this situation?

    I was trained that self sacrifice was not expected.

    If it is loved ones, most likely I would try.

    I view myself as deserving life and respect that.

    There were and may be other events where I did not take the risk.


  • horrible life
    horrible life

    My child. My sister.

    I have always known I do not come first in my husbands life. My place changes every so often. He just got a new truck so now I'm back down to 7th.

    Daughter, daughter, dog, dog, car, truck, me. I know my place. HL

  • inbyathread

    My family is very clanish. We may fight like cats and dogs with each other but if an outsider makes a comment about any in our family, WATCH OUT! We all will attack. I will protect my brothers and sisters but top protection goes to my wife, sons and to the one to whom my youngest son has given his heart to. We wait for her to join our family.

  • Insomniac

    I'd risk my life to protect my boyfriend, my mom, my cat, my friends... and one of my two brothers. It shames me to admit this, but the honest truth is, the other one is on his own.

  • G Money
    G Money

    I'd risk my life for those I love but also would be wearing my level III body armour and armed to the tooth!!!! Gotta even the odds a bit, no?

  • oldflame

    Without any question my family, friends and loved ones

  • FlyingHighNow

    I laid my wallet down in the bathroom at the mall. We figured out that a lady had picked it up and carried it off with her. I went after her to ask for it back and she had taken off walking as fast as she could. I chased her quite a ways and then into the parking lot to ask for it back. She told me she didn't have it. But I could see it in between the packages she held in her arms. I pointed it out to her. She grabbed it and threw at me, while her boyfriend stood there, in shock, and watched. I hadn't noticed that a whole crowd of people had come out side to see what was happening. They were standing about 30 feet away on the sidewalk in front of the mall entrance. They all cheered when I turned around to walk away.

    I sometimes wonder how I could have been so bold. All I could think was, "Oh no, I'll have to replace my driver's license, my SS card, my bank cards, credit cards and what a pain in the azz that will be." Plus, I have to admit that the audacity of the woman just made me very angry. Adrenalin kicked in and well, I got my wallet back.

    I am lucky that the crowd that had gathered probably made the woman feel intimidated and I don't think her boyfriend knew she had my wallet until I ran up to her. I'm glad she didn't turn around and smack me one or worse.

    I'd risk my life to protect my grandchildren.

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