I done a bad thing...

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  • stevenyc

    Hey Matt,

    That was a very ZEN like post.

    Hope your doing well.


  • lonelysheep

    Very good, Elsewhere!

  • IP_SEC

    Yo Steve,

    Doing great! Thanks for noticing the zenness.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Good on you Elseware.

    Someone else found this too which I find rather interesting. Apparently, the Mennonites haven't practiced shunning since the late 17th century at the latest, so the incident in the Sept WT must be quite an old one.


  • Mary
    Big Tex said: I called up the Church of Scientology and told them I was so interested in what they had to say. I asked to have them send me all their information and I would send them a check for $100. When they asked where to send their literature, I gave them my father's name and address.

    Big Tex that's just disgusting. I mean I would never consider doing something so evil. With that said, I must confess that a few weeks ago, a close friend (another ex-Dub) nearly had a breakdown from dealing with her bitch of a boss who is lower than a sack of disgarded worm pus. Everyone there hates her. She has permanent PMS. She was actually fired from another job for sexual harassment and a ton of people have either quit or been fired since she took over the helm. Naturally I had to do something to make my friend feel better. I went to a public payphone and called the Mormons, the Kingdumb Hell, the Muslims, the Baptists, Catholics, Alcohol Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, a Sex-therapy Clinic, 4 Plastic Surgeons' offices, 2 Psychologists' offices, and couple of Escort Services and left a message using this witchs' name and her telephone number. I asked that they please call right away. She's really interested in a nose job, a boob job and possibly a sex change. Yes it cost me a few bucks in quarters, but "...there exists a friend sticking closer than a brother...."

  • damselfly

    Good for you!

    I wonder if that article will make any JW's think about the hypocrisy involved with shunning their flesh and blood.

    Probably not.


  • TresHappy

    How about what happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I received an invitation to the "Employee Appreciation Breakfast" from my former employer. Mind you, the employer that let me go! I sent two emails expressing my condolences, including to the lady who let me go. I told her "I am sure you would have saved me a seat!" I so enjoyed writing it!

  • dedpoet

    Good on you Elsewhere, it might make them think about how unfeeling the practice of shunning is, but I seroiusly doubt it

  • delilah

    Good for you Elsewhere....I'm interested in hearing the outcome of it.


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