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    My exit from the JWs, was roughly as follows-

    Our final letter to the congregation was in the form of a resignation. We made at least 15 to 20 copies and sent the majority of them to so-called friends, 2 days later we sent the original to the body of elders. Therefore hoping to minimise the usual contempt that ex-witnesses have to put up with, and the subsequent shunning, that unfortunately did occur and still exists, eventhough we made it quite clear in our letter, that if a public announcement besmirching our Christian standing occurred, we would take the necessary action.

    Our resignation was due to a series of questions i.e. UN. Blood. 607bce. Failed prophecies, Paedophilia. We gave them every opportunity over a period of 7 months to answer all of the questions, they were not prepared, either couldn't or wouldn't answer our very pertinent questions. But at the same time they were quite willing to sign the disfellowshipping form, knowing full well in THEIR opinion, that we were to be DOOMED ! and this is all in the name of Christianity.

    By the way, not one of the so-called friends bothered to either phone or answer in any way. This was after being friends for more than 20 years (in the Hereford congregation).

    How many others have had similar experiences?


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  • Golf

    Greetings KT, what your experiencing is the 'norm.' I've been acquainted with the org. for over 50 years and information of this nature was not at our disposal, soooooo, what else could do except.

    I have shaken my head over many times thinking how such people can talk about love and humility and not practice it! Need I say more? Nah, you get the picture.

    Welcome to the club.


  • ozziepost

    G'day KayTee,

    Greetings from downunder to you all in Hereford! Such a beautiful county!

    Yet even in such a pretty place people can be so ugly, eh?

    Some good friends of ours, who were also exiting at the same time as us, made this observation: "In "the Truth" you don't have friends, you have acquaintances!"

    You know, I think they're right because in the Borg your friendships are dependant on the control of the Borgmeisters, so they are easily broken friendships - as witnessed in the case of someone who DA like yourself.

    Now though you've learned that, you, like Mrs Ozzie and I, have the opportunity of making real friends who are like those described in the book of Proverbs as "loving all the time" as the NWT expresses it.

    Cheers, Ozzie (permanently upside-down class)

  • ballistic

    When I see how pro-actively some of you left the "organisation" it makes me feel like I was such a sad case. I was disfellowshipped at a young age, still quite imature and innocent in may ways. Getting thrown out like that, still believeing it to be the truth and with no support network is no fun. There was no internet back then, it was only just starting up and I didn't have access. I say "good for you" to anyone who leaves the way you did. It must put you several years ahead of the game on the path to leaving it all behind.

  • trevor


    You mentioned the Hereford congregation. I used to know a guy called XXXXXX married to XXXXX. We visited friends in Wales and had many beers together. He then left for many years and then made a come back because he was fearful of Armageddon.

    My spies tell me they had him up on the platform at one assemblies telling his lost sheep story. He would run from me now because I have become a dangerous weir-wolf.

    You may have run across him?

    Edited for privacy, please PM each other if you wish to give the names of individuals. Thanks

  • Gill

    Katee - sorry for your unpleasant experiences with the JWs.

    We have never written letters to anyone but, we stopped going and they forgot about us.

    After nearly forty years of some friendships, right from baby hood, our friends disappeared, just because we didn't go to meetings.

    Real christianity at work, or what?!

    I had been unwell with agoraphobia, the elders told me I'd getter better if I prayed more and then that was that.


  • trevor


    What you have experiences is par for the course. I moved town a couple of years before I dropped out and never made any strong connections with the new crowd. Even so when it became obvious I was not going to return they never called on me again.

    To be honest, that is how I wanted it to be. I made a clean break and did not want them bothering me. By then I had found the company of Jehovah’s Witnesses tedious .


  • Honesty

    But isn't it great to be free from enslavement to such a loving organisation.

  • doofdaddy

    I was laid up in hospital and received a handful of visits from my jw "friends" who I had associated with for 15 yrs. This got me thinking..A lot. It also got me thinking about the religion in general. When I got out of the hospital, the generation article came out and so did I I!!!

    Those "friends" who I cursed back then, I can thank now for helping me see through the veneer of friendship and faith the jws really have.

    It's all conditional

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