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  • claytoncapeletti

    Netflix is great. My wife and I have it had we love it. The best thing about it is that I can go on and actually rent movies that I want to see! Before netflix it was a battle to rent a action movie or god forbid a sci-fi movie. Now my wife doesnt know that she has to sit and watch Lord of the Rings extended director's cut until it is already home.


  • patio34

    What sold me on Netflix was the documentaries----2,800 in all. You can never get that selection in a store. I have over 200 in my queue! Plus their selection in TV shows is outstanding. I also view movies and as soon as one is in the theaters that I like, I save it in my queue.

  • Elsewhere
    i havent been to a blockbuster in over 2 years because of the way i was treated. hell, i wouldn't walk in if i lived next door, thats how strongly i feel about how i was treated.

    Same here... I have no intention of ever going to another blockbuster again and coincidentally I have one just on the other side of the highway.

    Blockbuster is learning the same lesson as the WTS... you can't burn people and not affect your image.

  • roybatty

    I won't be surprised if both netflix and the blockbusters of the world go out of business in the next few years. I love the Comcast "on demand" feature. It keeps getting better and better. How long will it be before they have everything imaginable on demand?? Feel like watching "Being There" just select it. Want to watch season one of "Seinfeld", just click on it. No more going to blockbuster and having the dvd you want not be in. No more waiting for netflix. Just my opinion.

  • tweety

    My husband and I love Netflix. We have had it for 1 1/2 yrs and have watched over 200 movies. I love the idea of never having to go back to the store. Once you watch it, you seal the DVD in the envolope and put it in the mailbox. So easy!


  • Sassy

    When I lived closer to work the turn around was FAST.. but since we moved 50 miles east.. it takes as much as 6 days to get a movie.. and they've lost some too..

    so I gave it up..

  • caligirl

    Have it, and love it. We don't use it so much for us as we do the kids. It's a great way to constantly have a stream of new movies in the house and not have to buythem, or to be able to preview a movie to see if we want to buy it. Our problem with video stores is that we get busy and forget to take them back, so we would wind up paying $10+ in late fees any time we rented a movie, so netflix=no late fees for us!! Much cheaper!

  • vitty

    Is this something only available in the US. Can you explain what it is ive never heard of it.

  • Elsewhere

    It is a website where you go to rent movies. You select what you want and they mail them to you... when you are done you mail them back.

  • karen96

    We've been using it here and love it! I love getting some of the old black and whites (Hitchcock, anything with Cary Grant) and watching them with my hubby who has never seen them! Also, with two little ones in the house, getting to see all the latest movies is hard, so we wait for the DVD's.

    I had the same problem returning movies to Blockbuster - the late fees kill you! And getting young ones out of the house in wintertime just to return a rental was a pain! The turn around here is quick, within three days of mailing, I have a new DVD.

    Just a word to those who have lost movies....I saw a news piece about this, and they will charge you big time when you cancel your membership for any lost rentals. An example was of a college coed, whose mail is handled by 3-4 different people before she gets it, some DVD's were stolen and netflix charged her alot. My solution was to save all the e-mails the send saying the mailed one or received one from me. That way there is no question.


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