Okay what do I do now?

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  • lola28

    Thank you guys, I went on e-bay and it looks like he is selling the same books that he offered me. Again the money part I can deal with I hope he can do something useful with it if he needs it bad enough. I'm just upset at the way he responded to my e-mail. There was no need to take it that far, also he left bad feedback before the issue could be resolved.

    Well I hope he chokes on the money, if I contact pay pal what will they do? I'm sorry but like I said I'm new to e-bay.


    (of the thankful you guys are around to answer my stupid questions class)

  • Sassy

    I sure hope you can get your money back..

    I've never had trouble with getting anything i've won..

    the only trouble I had was a couple of times I was selling something, the winner never responded.. but it was no big deal, I just relisted it later.. or decided to keep the item

  • ballistic

    My experience with ebay is...

    People do describe items in better condition than they are, they get carried away. I bought a CD that was described as perfect but the case was smashed and covered in beer and the disk scratched. But they complained when I left bad feedback saying it plays perfectly. So what? I'm not changing my bad feedback. But we're talking about 2 pounds here.

    If the money starts to get more serious, I would take this up with ebay, and you are covered by paypal up to certain limits as a gaurantee.

    It all depends on the seller at the end of the day. An amplifier I bought had all the lights out on the front. I immediately told the seller the problem and that I was going to try to fix it. To cut a long story short, I managed to find the lamps required, and the amp now works perfectly, I emailed the guy saying "don't worry - it's all fine" and he still credited my paypal account with the money. What a gentleman.

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