Okay what do I do now?

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  • AuntieJane

    I agree, file a complaint with Paypal. MUCH more effective, at this point! It will get his dumb*ss attention.


  • lola28

    Thanks for all your suggestions, I have no problem about the money thankfully I don't have to worry about money my real issue I suppose is the way he responded to my e-mail. If he had said something like "yes I sent them I'm sorry it is taking so long" I could deal with that. But I can not stand the fact that he comes back and acts like I did something wrong. Thats whats upsetting me, plus I don't think you should sell something have someone pay you and never get them their item.

    This is of topic but Purza your cat looks so much like my Mojo I love your avatar.


  • avishai

    Totally unnacceptable. Leave bad feedback, report to ebay, squaretrade, paypal, whoever you can.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Whenever you purchase something on eBay, you should request that the item be shipped to you with delivery confirmation. this costs fifty five cents. When you use delivery confirmation, THE US POST OFFICE verifies that the item has been shipped - and you can track the item from the USPS website - and the delivery confirmation assures the seller that his item was delivered.

  • Sassy

    I cant' believe his comment.. It would be one thing if he had SHIPPED the books to you book rate.. then it wasn't his fault but just an impatience waiting for the shipping enroute... then his complaint that you needed fast shipping w/o paying for it would have a valid comment.. but it isn't the shipping that is slow.. IT is the man that is to get the product to BE shipped..

    what a pain in the $##$#

  • G Money
    G Money

    I've had good luck with ebay but got scammed last week. I ordered Spanish movies and when I got them, they were copies! I'm not gonna pay $11 per movie for a copy when I can buy them in the town market for $2.00 (Bought wedding crashers for 75 cents the other week). I told the guy to refund my difference and he said no refunds and that DVD-5 in the description means copy but I speak english and spanish and that expression is foreign to me and I am well educated. I'll charge back my paypal and report him for fraud.

  • lola28

    Gmoney are you kidding? I speak fluent spanish and DVD 5 means nothing to me. I have only bought a few items from e-bay but have had all my items get to me really fast and in better condition then expected. For example I got a U2 cd, I won the auction on Sat. and had the cd on Moday, it was in great condition.


  • keeshah

    Sometimes media mail does take FOREVER. I've even had parcel post in the same state take a month. But the LEAST he should have done is reply to you nicely. When I have a lost shipment, I tell them the date and time that I shipped it out and appoligize for the delay (even though it isn't my fault).

    Did you check his feedback before you bid?

  • lola28


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  • BrendaCloutier

    Lola, yes, go after the guy. Leave negative feedback. Paypal is great to work with!

    I only had one negative experience with Ebay - I sold a tea set and when it arrived, 2 cups were smashed and the sugarbowl was cracked. I didn't find out about it until I was checking my account and found the negative feedback! I responded to the feedback that it was the first I knew of it that the buyer had not contacted me, then I contacted the buyer.

    She didn't want to file a claim even though I told her I would work with her every step of the way. She said she liked what she had and still felt she had paid a good price, and would give the 2 mugs and teapot as the christmas gift she intended. But why the negative feedback without allowing me to make good? Oh well. I left her a postive feedback anyway.

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