What do you call a bunch of WT magazines on the ground?

by the_classicist 20 Replies latest social humour

  • willyloman

    Great story, jeep. Something similar happened in my life, too.

    Two carloads of dubs were working an apartment complex which had a coin laundry in a separate building. When we finished up, I stopped in front of the laundromat and ran in to "place" several magazines. There was a table in the corner with a couple of "secular" magazines on it, and a young woman was seated while her laundry dried. She ignored me as I deposited four magazines on the table and left. When I got back to the car, another carload of dubs had driven up behind us and some were out of the car talking to each other. A sister told me they had already dropped off the latest magazines there, refering to the laundromat I had just exited. I asked when that was. "About 20 minutes ago," she said.

    I had to laugh as I thought about the young woman sitting inside, picturing her tossing the magazines in the trash as soon as the sister left. I thought about going back inside to see if "my" magazines were still on the table, but I knew they wouldn't be. I've come to really admire that woman.

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