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  • DanTheMan

    Can't remember his last name, but Craig is a pretty cool elder in the Reynoldsburg Ohio Congregation, a really mellow guy that everybody likes. Wife is neurotic and high-strung, I wonder if he stays in for her, he just seems too solid to really believe it himself.

    Kevin, again I can't remember his last name, was another guy I remember fondly. I was really an odd JW, maybe an odd ex-JW too , people were friendly enough to me at the KH but always kept me at arm's length but he seemed to be a more genuine friend.

    Of course our own AlmostAtheist was the coolest JW I knew, one of the funniest people I've ever known.

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    4 teenage girls going to a swimming hole. We go to the 4th girls house. She comes running out with a dress on and a book bag. She says to step on it! We tell her we aren't going out in service. She knows. Thats the only way she could get out of the house. Her swimsuit and other clothes are at the bottom. LOL I was appalled when I was younger. I knew she was bad association. But she was about 3 years older than me, and from a different congragation, so I didn't have much association with her anyway. I sure didn't rat her out.

    She moved away and got a fantastic job in Dallas. And wrote to the Society a Disassociation Letter. OMG Her name was Patsy P. Now I think she was the coolest person I knew as a teenager.

    My little brother (the pious pustule elder) later married her sister. She just turned into a slut. He remarried a reg. pioneer, with everybodys blessings. HL

  • Cygnus

    As far as CO's go, Ray (crap, forget his last name) was a good fella for the reason that he never pushed numbers, just always said "just do your best" with a twinkle in his eye. By far the easiest going CO I ever knew,

    Alan Hood was a complete dick, but he was witty, being British. He once said from the platform, "Don't be nervous taking me or Sister Hood on your Bible studies. We'll bring a bottle of Scotch and chat for a bit and if we're still afloat we'll make an attempt at the study."

    Last CO I had was, I think, Melvin Mallette. Black dude from Canada. Loved to play hockey. As a going away present our congo bought him a hockey jersey with "Mallete" on the back.

  • proplog2

    In the half century I've been a JW I have never met an intellectually honest person - especially the ones with some kind of leadership position. They are all hideously compromised. The ones that were honest - left.

    The system absolutely will not accommodate a person with a living cortex layer to their brain.

    There were nice people. But MOST people are nice.

    Ray Franz is a good example of what JW's do to your brain. He exploited his former position to support himself. But he still carries anti-evolution thoughts in his brain. He would probably feel quite comfortable bass fishing with Bush2.

  • GoingGoingGone

    Alan Hood is still going strong. His wife had a mild stroke about a year ago, I think, but he's still a CO. He said a LOT of strange things from the platform. I remember once he said, in a talk, that JWs pull scriptures out of context all the time. I nearly fell out of my chair.


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  • misspeaches

    Oh and me!!! I forgot to mention me... I'm so cool I'd take the heat off the Saraha!

  • katiekitten

    All the really cool dubs left.

    And now we talk on this discussion board.

  • tijkmo

    bring back bring back bring back that Lenore Brown

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