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  • jeeprube

    I just love how the WTS programs it's slaves with simple things to prove their correctness. They are so convinced that some evil "apostate" conspiracy is out there. So anytime you question their beliefs all you end up doing is validating those beliefs. Well the society says that the internet was created by Satan to draw away weak minded dubs. Now here you are with your information from the internet. See the Society was right, they are God's mouthpiece. It's simple twisted logic.

    I am so sick of the phrase "The Society Says".......

  • carla

    Mine doesn't use the 'society says', he prefers, 'we believe'. Wev'e gone round and round about the stuff from the internet. My reply is ok, then check your own library against what I am telling you, I even supply page numbers, issue numbers etc... For some reason he is either not allowed in the kh library is just too lazy. Or maybe he knows he would be under suspicion if he asked to look. I then have offered to buy old copies of wt literature off of ebay, at some high costs I might add. Then the response is, we don't know if they are real. Well lets get the ink and paper tested at a lab, it may cost big$$$. Well, I guess they look like the real thing, but..... we no longer teach those things. Well then how do you know what you are learning today won't sound as assinine acouple years from now? "Oh we don't, we must wait upon..." Good grief!!!!!

  • Garnet

    NO!!! That was completely different.

    Well! Would someone like to explain to me how that is different and why sins of catholics can't be forgiven.

    It's obvious - your mother's anger toward Catholics is based on the beating she received from the Nuns. That beating had a direct affect on HER - the physical and emotional (psychological) damage done by a pedophile to his victim do not affect her.

    You probably already know this, but your Mom is lacking in the empathy and compassion departments.

    Your Momma, wouldnt happen to know mine? would she? Mine was abused by a member of the church - which by all means, I can understand why she hates the Catholic Church....but she takes it the extra mile. I feel for her so terribly, but at the same time, you cant say a word without her getting pissed off and going on a rant. I have been abused by someone close to me and maybe I am different, but I have decided not to let it interfere with my life because it can destroy it.

    Of course the Catholic church is "Different" isnt the WBTS!!!

    Anyway....where is that damn soapbox so I can hop down?


  • MidwichCuckoo

    Your Mum is soooooooo funny - I wonder if she knows?

    Don't you know? Catholics/everyone else are cruel and corrupt - the WTBTS have made mistakes in the past which they own up to (heard THAT a few times)! And anyway, God doesn't like Catholics/anyone else, He only likes JWs don't you know!

    Apostates are editing the Old Literature? Wow. And here's me thinking the WTBTS are editing it - in order to hide some of the crap they can't pretend is 'Old Light'

    Early dementia, by any chance?
    I hate to say this, but how would you notice?
  • Gill

    Hi All

    There's the thing, that I've noticed, that by confronting a JW, as irate as they may become, you are actually causing some kind of thought process to go on in their minds. It's a big like opening a pathway in a big field of uncut grass. Tha pathway is still there the next day and possibility exists that they may stroll down that pathway....yup, a do some more 'thinking'.

    I had been wondering whether it really was a total waste of time discussing things with a JW, now I'm not so sure.

    For instance, my mum had to come out with a lot of rubbish to back herself up.

    I think she realised some of it was rubbish. It was a heated discussion. She'll be going over and over it. Therefore, she'll be flattening that grass again and keeping that pathway open.

    That's the very reason the Society DO NOT ALLOW JWS TO TALK TO APOSTATES. It switches on their reasoning and thoughts.

    I have some hope, especially since she shouted very loudly at me that she would NEVER leave Jehovah's organization! I've hear that before, ....somewhere!

  • Sirona

    Gill, well done for holding your own.

    I hate it when my mum does the exact same thing. She has been extremely harsh with me and I refuse to sit and listen to such things.

    It is a fact that they get extremely angry when discussing the subject. I think the best way is to try and not get angry yourself, because what they then tend to do is focus on your anger and not the argument. My mum has pointed out, in the past, that I'm "so angry" and that is a sign of being apostate and mislead (all the while, she ignores her own anger).


  • RevFrank

    Hi Gill, you know JWs do say the strangest things. the hebrews texts Jehovah God did say you'll all be my witnesses. As we know God never contradicts Himself, right?

    Yet Jesus made the statement..."but you will receive power when the holy spirit arrives upon you, and you will be witnesses of me both in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and the most distant part of the earth."(ACTS `1:8)((nwths)) It only makes sense if one knows that Jehovah is the Christ...

  • Cygnus

    The title of your post is right, we are all going to die. But some people I think are better served dying with faith that Jesus/Abuwabu/Whoever will make their life meaningful. That's all any of us really want. JWs think they found it, it's tangible, you can grasp it and hold it close forever. It won't happen and sometimes I want to shake some JWs I know and say YOU DON'T HAVE MUCH TIME LEFT, WHO KNOWS HOW LONG ANY OF US HAVE. Sorry, I'm just in a sad mood today.

  • Gill

    Sirona - I sympathise with your 'mother' problem. They don't seem to recognise their own reactions, do they?

    My Mum claims I've left the 'troof' because I'm 'bitter' with how badly, and she recognises this, how badly JWs have always treated me. She doesn't recognise her bitterness and extreme anger towards Catholics.

    Sad, isn't it. But, I don't feel bitter towards JWs. I feel very angry about the WTBTS lies and she can't accept that.

    Rev Frank - I'm only just beginning to contemplate the 'unthinkable' in JW terms, that God and Christ 'may' be the same. But I can't come to terms with the schizophrenic character change from old to new testament, I'm afraid.

    Is Jesus, just Jehovah after smoking pot - seriously chilled out- and by Revelations the pots worn off and he's back to his nasty self. I can't figure it!

    Cygnus - You're so right about the inevitability of death, it seems. I'm beginning to think though, that the immortal soul makes some kind of sense. What though...still not figured that one...maybe never will.

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