Taking back my lawn

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  • Billygoat


    Our neighbors have a cat that is the neighborhood bully. I've found him many times in our (6 foot tall!) fenced yard attacking MY pets. I've sprayed him with our water hose and he runs yowling home. It seems to work. Last summer I chased that stupid thing over our fence with a broom since I couldn't get the water on fast enough. My neighbor was sitting on the back porch watching me. She hollered, "I'd appreciate it if you didn't terrorize my cat." I said, "I'd appreciate it more if you'd keep it off my property. I have every right as a property owner to do WHATEVER necessary to prevent it from trespassing again." I paused and stared at her with a huge smile. Her eyes got wide and she grabbed her cat and stormed inside. I don't really see that cat around much anymore.

    I'm fine with any neighborhood animal until they start attacking MY babies on MY property. Then the gloves come off. LOL

    Gosh, I can only imagine if this were my child!


  • Eyebrow2

    It didn't help that my husband would pet the damn cat every time he came to the door looking for attention hahah.

    We finally agreed that if he is in the driveway, okay, but shoo him away if he is in the back yard.

    We live in a neighborhood where people don't seem to understand what leash laws are. Last year and the year before my kids would often come home from school upset because of a few big dogs that were roaming around. (no matter how friendly a german shepard is, if you are a little kid, they are damn scary looking) So far, it hasn't been so bad this year, I think enough of us parents complained to the police about it.

  • Es

    Way to go scully that was fantastic good on you. es

  • MidwichCuckoo

    What you do if a 'deposit' is left on your property is scoop it into a paper bag and follow the culprits home. Put it on their doorstep, set it alight and ring their doorbell. When they answer the door they'll see a small fire which they'll stamp on to extinguish........

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