Taking back my lawn

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  • zev

    good lord reminds me of an inceident where my dads neighbor let his mutt run loose and crap anywhere and everywhere.

    my dad asked him to do something about it.

    he continued to let his dog crap everywhere.

    come this day my dad had enough, when he saw it on his front stairs.

    he went in the house and grabbed a plastic bag, and picked up the poop, walked into the guys house and plopped it onto the front of his doorway.

    knocked on the door and yelled something at him.

    poof.......all doogie poop problems gone

    he's knuts and i'm right behind him. genetics!

  • Eyebrow2


    one of the reasons we chose a ferret instead of a puppy is that I don't want to deal with poop. A ferret is a lot easier to clean up after. And you know in a house with 8 people the mom always get stuck with it.

    My neighbor's have a dog, and she has a few puppies. They are constantly getting out because of a small hole in the fence. I have had to watch my step on our lawn on more than a few occaisions. I have said a few things politely, and they are trying to keep them in...but I tell you, there is nothing more disgusting than stepping in a pile of cat or dog crap.

    We used to have a real problem with a neighborhood cat that would crap in our lawn...I have run it off a few times.

    the thing with dog poop and urine is you can smell it when it is hot outside, even if it is a couple of lawns away. My nieghbors go out and pick up their backyard every few days, but man, especially with this TX heat, it can reek to high heaven.

    Good for you for standing up.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee
    But there's nothing in the by-laws about me being armed and ready with a super soaker

    up I can see you sitting their waiting to ambush them lol

  • GoingGoingGone

    Here is the perfect solution to all the pet-poop-and-pee-problems......

  • Scully

    OK, I'm going shopping!!

    available from Lee Valley Tools ........ Ta DAAAAA!

    Motion Activated Sprinkler

    This pest-deterring sprinkler is great for protecting gardens by day or night.

    It has a highly sensitive infrared sensor that operates unattended and sprays when movement is detected. It senses small or large animals and operates 24 hours a day. The energy-efficient circuits operate for up to 6 months (or 3000 cycles) on one 9-volt battery. It uses only 2 to 3 cups of water per event, so it can usually be used in communities engaged in water rationing.

    The smart circuitry automatically dampens sensitivity in windy conditions to prevent false triggering. An adjustable sensitivity control changes the distance the unit can "see". Assembles quickly by hand without tools. Optional scarecrow decals are included. Measures 24" tall. Ideal for keeping night "visitors" (including deer) out of your gardens.

  • GoingGoingGone

    Yikes .... that picture turned out huge!!

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    any chance you could put some skunk scent in that thing?

  • Scully

    Lee, you're even more evil than I am. What a great idea. I am especially excited about the prospect of "surprising" the dog owners with this motion-sensitive sprinkler, moreso than I am about soaking the dogs. The dogs are just doing what their owners have trained them to do.

  • orangefatcat

    I am so happy that I am a cat lover. I enjoy kittens in the house not all around the neighbourhood to get fleas or poo in someones garden or spray or get parasites. all that is just to icky for me..

    I am a loveable and adorable cat and I do my business in my kitty litter box. Here I am doing what I love doing most of all.

    love orangefatcat.

  • Scully


    It's not that I dislike dogs. I really do like them, but a lot of time and energy is needed to train them to behave appropriately, and to take care of their needs for exercise, etc.

    I think it's very bad manners to allow a pet to use the neighbour's property for their toilet. I know my personal level of patience in taking care of pets is not sufficient to train a dog. That's why we have a kitty cat too.

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