Do you think this is tacky and just plain pathetic (Watchtower) ?????

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  • hillbilly

    seems to be SOP for the last few years... I have seen this in JW death notices in MI, FL and TN.

    I bet someone can turn up some Society instructions on just how the cash gets paid to Brooklyn..didnt they make some written instructions on how to give estates and wills to the Home Office in the past?


  • Utopian Reformist
    Utopian Reformist

    I have never cried as much and been so emotionally touched forever, as when all of you here at JWD sent flowers and a blanket for my daughter's funeral service. It meant the world to me and I felt like I was not completely surrounded by JW in-law's and all alone.

    I believe Nina is right, it is not good manners to request money at all. Someone (without my permission) printed such a comment in my daughter's announcement without my approval and I did feel terrible, although it mentioned Talia's favorite charity (Greenpeace).

    But, I feel sending your thoughts, cards, letters, flowers and gifts DIRECTLY to the affected family members is probably always going to be seen as positive.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Neither tacky, nor pathetic.

    You might want read the obits a bit more often. People ask for donations to what whatever their cause is all the time. That a JW should ask for donations for their cause is nothing out of the ordinary.


  • willyloman
    BTW, is "World Wide Work of Jehovah's Witnesses" the exact name the check is to be made out to???

    No, just send it to me and I'll take care of it.

  • sf


    {{{{ Spontaneous warm hug my love }}}}


  • katiekitten

    It seems tacky to me, but I also have to agree that people do ask for donations to charities now at funerals.

    I guess what sticks in my throat is that they dont seem like a charity that does any good for humanity (of course they would disagree). The donations are not even putting fuel into the foot soldiers cars, or food on their plates so they can continue witnessing. No the money goes straight to the top, and who knows what they do with it.

  • Insomniac

    When my grandmother recently died, a cousin I'd never met somehow got them to request, in the obit, that in lieu of flowers, $$$ should be given to some anti-abortion group that she, my cousin, was fond of. Never mind that Nanny would most likely have preferred the Humane Society; all that mattered was that my insane cousin just had to push her political agenda on my family, at the worst possible time.

    This stuff makes me ill.

  • Cognitive_Dissident

    "As expressions of sympathy, please send donations to World Wide Work Of Jehovah's Witnesses."

    Translation= "The size of your donation will show the depth of your grief."

    That is the most heartless thing I've ever heard of.


    I would never, never send this CULT money, they had the last of my monies a few years ago. I would prefer to send flowers, at least one thing is for certain, that the flowers are destroyed either by burial or weeks later are sure to die, Whereas donating money to this cult, will only ensure their survival.


  • The Chuckler
    The Chuckler

    Send it to "World Wide Work".
    OK that's WWW for short, they are Jehovahs Witnesses and they are bound to have a website.
    So all donations should go to "" - It might go to help some of the damage they've caused.

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