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  • mrsjones5

    - that is how I feel most times

    I need a friend - a good friend to just listen to all the mess I have rollin in my head.

    I dont have that now but I wish I so wish I did.


  • Dogpatch

    My heart goes out to all of you who suffer silently. The only thing that really helps is often another person to hang out with who you can enjoy, doing things together to get your mind off your situation. HUGS to all of youse!


  • hamsterbait

    Mrs Jones, Oh Mrs Jones,

    WE are here for you, will listen, not judge; understand, not condemn; love, not despise; chuckle, not mock.

    I just said somewhere else - if you didn't want or need our support and UNCONDITIONAL friendship, then - why are you here? We want you to share, maybe there is nobody near you to vent to. We listen. I know myself that discovering you are not alone, that thousands feel just the same is a bigger relief than anything.

    HB ( of the "I don't know just how hard to hug you yet" class)

  • LittleToe


    As a voice in the dark, when I needed someone to speak to, you were there for me. It seems so hard to believe that four years have passed for this little cockroach!


  • hamsterbait

    Don't you all think as well, that if you were a witless kid, because you couldn't mix with the neighbors kids and learn to share your thoughts and feelings, find your own way of being and talking, you never learned those skills?

    Most witless kids are very lonely because of the anti world stance. No one shares negative feelings in case they are tattle taled on to the adults. You just learn to stuff down feelings which the JW group will not tolerate.

    Hence - I contend that every teenage JW masturbates. But - no no no no no no no no - No privileges if they do. So what does any normal boy in such a no win situation do? LIE

    NO JW does everything the WTS tells them to - there are not enough hours in a day. So they ALL lie lie lie lie lie. Then unbearable feelings make them miserable, so they lie, lie, lie, again and again.

    For me the feelings of being unreal, even non-existent became intolerable.


  • mrsjones5

    Thank Hamster

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