My wife is thinking of quitting the "truth"!

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  • BrendaCloutier

    Good luck. I'm looking forward to the followup after the meeting with the Elder.

    Hugs to you both


  • Sheri

    Goldminer, the best to you and your wife, while having your meeting with the elder, who I am afraid will not be able to answer your questions very well and to avoid the problem with answers you will become the target eventually, but I think you already know this.

    Scully has excellent advice and really look at this issue with your wife. Assure her of your love of her and God but express your hope that she will come to her own decision. Perhaps your Tuesday or Thursday nights could be taking one topic that she needs answered and examine the topic together and come to an understanding together. After all that is what the original christian meetings (in homes) were for discussion and understanding of scripture. There are many bible commentaries on the web to use in addition to the NWT Bible and when she is really ready start reading the Greek Interlinear from JWs and you will find many changes made by Franz.

    But steady and slow is the best approach as this really does need to be an individual issues. Remember you are not leaving Jehovah and Jesus you are just leaving a man's organization. If you have not read In Search of Christian Freedom by Ray Franz it is well worth obtaining and browsing through, especially his thoughts on where do we go when we have left the Jehovah's Witness organization.

    Best to you and your family,


  • Bonnie_Clyde

    I'm happy for you too. It took me 25 years to see the truth about the "truth" after Clyde had already seen it. Well I'd say it was 19 years that he was really sure. I don't know how he put up with me that long.


  • ithinkisee

    Goldminer, I look forward to your report of your meeting with the elder.

    Can't wait for tomorrow morning.


  • inquirer

    Yeah, it sounds like an interesting situation Jullian Goldminer. :) Can't wait to hear it. :)

  • ithinkisee


    Any news Goldminer?


  • claytoncapeletti

    When the elders came over for my last "sheperding call", it became easier to see that I was making the right choice. Once I told the elders face to face that I no longer believed in "The Truth" it was like a huge weight that was lifted off my shoulders.

    Hopefully with your discussion with the elders, you can show your wife "The Truth" about the BORG

    Best of luck


  • wordlywife

    I am also jealous..............hope to hear how your meeting went soon! Let us know. Also, I would like ot see your 32 questions, if you feel like posting them or pm them to me. Maybe I can start something with my husband, although I am not a witness, it would still help.


    Worldly wife

  • observador

    TheListener said it very well. Keep collected during the confrontation with the elders and watch them getting gradually irate... Your wife will notice.

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