Jah-Jireh retirement homes web site...GONE?

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  • katiekitten

    What is this! I never knew the borg ran old peoples homes? How come its all such a secret? Who qualifies to get in one?

    That charity thing is totally bogus, theyre making a packet according to the abbreviated accounts eman published. Do charities have to publish their accounts or not, I cant remember. I know when I worked at an accountancy firm, we did the accounts for a group of churches who were a charity.

    Ive done a search on the Charities Commission website. Jah Jireh Homes are registered charity number 1062023. Details that follow are the ones e-man put up. Very interesting.

  • POs Son
    POs Son

    They even have their own chapel, er Kingdom Hall Lite so they can be told how they will never die, just a few feet from the room in which they will eventually die. Well, as strange as this place is, its sure nice to see that someone is taking care of older JWs instead of just chastising them for low field service hours.

  • Newly Enlightened
  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Thanks Newly Enlightened.

    Introduction in the above jah-jireh.org

    In the first paragraph, they tell you this place is for "... those who wish their spiritual life to be protected." This one or this one or . My choice is the throw up one.

    These people have been told for over 1/2 a century, the made to scare them story that the bugeyman is coming... Armageddon, and God will see that everyone will be murdered but them. this one or that one or ? ??

    They were also told "Millions Now Living Will Never Die". They were lied to.

    Just like Jews put on cattle cars and chauffured driven by the Christian Nazi Train Engineer to their "new" dwelling. Then, on arrival are told, "Come along. Put your suitcase with all your belongings here. Remember the number where they are. Now please step into this nice warm shower to take the dust of travel off of your bodies". Cram, cram them in, then the hiss of cynanide gas, as it quickly killed them off. They did get "new" surroundings, but at what cost???


  • Tech49

    Something came across my Google News feed this morning, they are building a new $6.5 million compound, Legacy Cottages, at 2051 Bevin Drive in the Salisbury Township (dont know where that is, I am sure someone here does though..)

    Just took a look at that website.... ugh.

    Poorly written copy on the Home Page, and the About Us page... grammatical errors, run-on sentences, spelling errors. My high school English teacher is turning over in her grave.

    Amateur money grabbers. Oh, and at the bottom of the "Objectives" page....." this is NOT a business, its a Charity." Ummm Hmmm, sure.

  • nonjwspouse

    Looks like it's in lehigh County PA, usa, suprised?

    $2900/mo. Now just how many of those education rejecting, part time or low income workers are going too be able to afford that?


  • Tech49

    STARTS at $2900/month. Pictures and descriptions from their brochure make it sound almost like a Bethel-lite for seniors.

    Better have your kids pony up! It IS your spritual responsibility ya know. I'm sure its purely a non-profit, of course.

    I am sure that Mr. Darbin T. Skeans, Real Estate Agent, and Founder and Chairman of Jah-Jireh Homes, doesnt profit a lick.

    And $6.5 million for 30,000 sq ft? 2 Single story buildings? That's $216/sq ft. Seems a bit on the high end of pricing, for a retirement home.

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    the starting price is actually lower than what we paid for my grandma back in 2006 in a regular nursing home. If the place is properly staffed and the residents are taken care of, I don't think it's a terrible deal. For the elderly faithful dubs, being in a place that caters to their personal delusions is a comfort, and at that stage of the game why not let them go in peace?

  • pontoon
  • cultBgone

    saving for later

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