Jah-Jireh retirement homes web site...GONE?

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  • Midget-Sasquatch

    Well it doesn't have its own web site, but there's still a Jah-Jireh retirement home in Beamsville, ON. Add: 4505 30 Rd. Tel: ( 905)-563-5495

    And I know there's a waiting list of local elderly dubs trying to get in.

  • Gill

    And they make the poor souls go out in FS too!

    You'd think they'd sold enough WTBTS crap for one life time, wouldn't you. Now they've even pulled the rug out from under their elderly feet and told them that whoops!...looks like you're going to die after all. We got it a teensy weensy bit wrong!

    Poor people!

  • upside/down

    Can you imagine the HELL of living out your "last days" there?

    Dubs are bad enough as they are...but going senile and such...

    Please DON'T EVER let them put me in one...

    u/d(of the Kevorkian class)

  • Finally-Free

    You know, even if I were still a JW in good standing I would not want to live in such an environment. Too much of that fake "spiritual paradise" can get nauseating very fast. Even when I was still a "believer" a 2 hour meeting stretched my patience to the limit - I survived most of them by dozing off.

    Imagine living in a place with kingdom melodies piped into every room. The selection of videos is mostly stuff published by the society. Same with the reading material. The raciest video available is "The Adventures of Milo and Otis." You can enjoy afternoon tea and cookies while watching demonstrations about how to do telephone witnessing. You'll have "morning worship" each day as they do in Bethel, as well as Monday night watchtower "family studies". Each person will be assigned a paragraph to comment on, as is done in Bethel. Each week there will be talks that encourage the elderly to "honour Jehovah with their valuable things". A watchtower lawyer will visit the site each week with pre-printed wills and powers of attourney. These visits will be within 24 hours of the aforementioned talk about "honouring Jehovah with their valuable things". The lawyer will have 2 elders in tow ready to act as witnesses to the new wills and powers of attourney that the elderly "voluntarily" sign without feeling pressured at all.

    Ok, enough of that. I'm making myself sick. I want to live in an environment where I can eat what and when I want, cuss when I want, and watch what I want on TV without someone leaning over my shoulder and saying, "You know, that's not very upbuilding, brother.".

    Live in a JW retirement home? I'd kill myself first.


  • delilah

    Finally free, I have to agree with you there...JUST KILL ME....how nauseating a life that would be. My grandparents are both in a nursing home, and I can count on one finger how many times they are visited by the elders or someone from the KH....what a crock, they say these retirement homes are to "preserve these precious ones to the best of their ability"...GAG ME. How precious can they be when nobody goes out of their way to visit such ones??? My grandparents were the pillars of the congregation at one time, remained faithful all these years, and this is how they are treated???? NO THANKS. I suppose an entire retirement home would be different though, they'd have to make the effort then.

    Sorry, didn't mean to vent, but it boils my blood when I see statements like these made....it all comes down to money and how much they stand to make.


  • AnnOMaly

    Anybody checked out the list of trustees?

    William (Bill) Bull - his wife's story was in an Awake in the 1980s, to do with her going on a hemodialysis machine.

  • Englishman
    William (Bill) Bull - his wife's story was in an Awake in the 1980s, to do with her going on a hemodialysis machine.

    After he'd finished as a DO, Bill Bull worked in Sheffield as a rep for Bro. Ron Grover, the JW postage stamp specialist from Fareham who employed dozens of pioneers who needed part-time work..

    I stayed with Bill once. It was a long time ago, because I went to see Planet of the Apes while I was there.


  • diamondblue1974

    I dont know where their website has gone Gill but I do know some of the stories as I knew a few people who worked for the homes and I think still might do.

    I remember initially the homes were set up as a business and lo and behold it was made into a charity some time ago; I bet the owner still draws the same salary though or still receives a rent from the properties he might still own and where the charity operates from...wonder how much that is?....its funny everyone I spoke to used to think this guy was providing the homes for the love of 'the brudders' and didnt even have the intelligence to realise this was making him some serious money and still probably is.

    I understand a few got wise to it and started doing the math...shortly however it was registered as a charity....shock NOT.

    The few I knew would be asked to work overtime instead of going on the ministry or going to meetings and apparently the owner or the managers would say things like it was a 'greater ministry' looking after the elderly JWs and enabling the home to run smoothly profitably.

    This has some similarities with the WTBTS...people think just because its a charity in status it doesnt make money; wrong. People are led to believe that enabling such organisation to make money is a ministry to God. Wrong.

    I wonder whether the trustee owner who must be quite savvy to utilise a captive market he has, understands the true philosophy behind the WTBTS and the psuedo charitable status under which it operates?


  • diamondblue1974

    Thanks Englishman for the link, if you read the following link I am sure you will howl with laughter when you read it...either that or it will make you retch


    Jah Jireh Associate = Sales Representative!

  • Gill

    There is NOTHING wrong at all in running a business and making a profit. I'm all for it!

    However, the Jah-jireh homes have the R & F witnesses actually believing that they are orgnized by the Society and that when they 'give' to the Jah-Jireh homes they are giving to charity and the poor old brothers.

    They have no idea, that charitable status still allows the trustees an excellent wage, living, profit etc and the JAH-JIREH homes are big business and pulling in the big bucks with a captive audiance just like the WTBTS.

    A few years ago a welsh male voice choir came and did a charitable gig for our congregation. Each person who attended had to pay £15 for the privilege!

    About 100 went from the cong we used to attend including my deluded parents who raved about what wonderful works the society are doing for the elderly.

    Makes you want to puke and that's even before you start reading the Jah Jireh news letters!

    It's a CON people like the whole WTBTS !!!!

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