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  • tsunami_rid3r

    ok, i like to tell myself to worry about now and what can i do to solve problems.

    i don't like to worry and think about the past. well, i was out with a couple friends i met, we were going to the movies, and i got in an accident. just i didnt know where to go, and i was in the wrong lane and made a right turn. i just clipped the car and thats it. small dent and no damage to my truck.

    first, i'm thinking "god i'm such a loser".

    one of the girls calls the police and i go outside to talk to the lady. her phone didnt work and she needed to call her husband, so i let her use mine. cop shows up, bla bla bla, and we get to the decision where we can just trade informantion because the damage wasnt big or she could make the cop write a report. well she borrows my phone again to call her husband and he said to write the report. honesty sucks ass. i couldve just not let her use my phone, but then the girl called the cop. now that i think of it, maybe it was good i was honest. but wreckless mistakes come with a price i guess.

    everything is cool, i tell myself. all i gotta do is go to court thursday and hope i can take another defensive driving class or get the home dvd, and get the ticket dropped. if not then i'll just pay it somehow, maybe my parents can. anyway we finished the night by going to the movies. YES, I SHOULD JUST CHILL B/C there are lots of girls, but i hope they dont think i'm a dumbass and not hang with me anymore b/c im dangerous. this will pass like always so i shouldnt worry about right?

    all in all college is great, i wish i was just rich.

    i could do ANYTHING with money. i could pay off education, pay off tickets, help poor people, help sick people, help people need, just help the world. am i selfish or what, i listed things i needed first. maybe i do deserve shit.

    does this site look legit?

  • DannyBloem

    I do not understand much of this story. Why you are upset if someone you just hit with your car uses your phone for a while? (for the story, i understand it was your found, correct me if I am wrong).
    That is not more then normal.

    And why do you worry so much about what people think about you. Worry about what you are, not about what people think you are.

    And if you have financial problems, what you are doing with a truck? All my days in college I never had a car, and sure not a truck....


  • tsunami_rid3r

    1. i dont care what people think of me. thats why i carried a pink frisbee. i do stupid crap. i say or sometimes act gay. i act dumb. but when its around a girl i'm falling for, sure, i'll wonder. understand? but i still do all of the above. but cmon getting in a wreck with someone youre falling for in your truck. different

    2. wreck, truck is fine, ticket, money, defensive driving.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Tsunami, everyone of your posts is about what people think of you. Was it not you who wanted to sell your truck because of how you think it makes you look? That's taking what people think of you to an extreme. Also, how can you be falling for someone you met today? Lighten up a bit. Your posts are like one of those miniture poodles who barks at about 90 mph. :-)

  • tsunami_rid3r

    i met her 3 weeks ago. at camp. seriously i wont talk about it no more b/c its bad luck. i dont even like mentioning who i like to my friends. and if i do mention at all, i'll just say blah i'm not starting a relationship. and im really different in person. i shrug problems off. i make them seem like not problems at all. i just have to go to court thursday. do the online defensive driving, and im good. really how should i feel right now? haha i dont even know. "everything will be fine?" "im in deep shit?"

  • tsunami_rid3r

    know what, i'll just blow it off. let everything flow. everything will be fine. that is how i am.

  • rebel8

    Wow John, that was really rude.

  • sonnyboy
    i dont care what people think of me. thats why i carried a pink frisbee. i do stupid crap. i say or sometimes act gay. i act dumb.

    If you didn't care what people thought of you then you woulnd't have to act at all.

    It sounds like you're putting on one hell of a show for some reason, unless you're just doing these things in private.

  • jeeprube

    Dude, did you ever think that you might have impressed the girl by handling the wreck properly? If you'd been a jerk, she'd have seen that, and probably not have liked it.

  • jeeprube

    Oh, and I wouldn't worry too much about some of the rude posts on this thread. Some of us do enjoy your posts, we've been through a lot of the crap your going through, and are happy to give advice!

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