Will Prince last as a Witness?

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    In defense of Prince.

    Him having been in the bar where I work (at present). I can tell you this: he's a gentleman. Appearances aside, he is/was one of the nicest people we've come across at our bar. OK, we'll add Mike Myers (He's brilliant).

    As for his JW period. The man is brilliant. Love him or hate him/like him or not like him, he's a master of his craft.

    I am not entirely certain if he still resides here in Toronto. I do recall he does have a place up in probably one of the wealthiest areas of the city. That's fine. He earned it.

    Maybe...just maybe, he's lurking here. Maybe he's investigating matters on his own terms.

    I don't know: do you?

    I wish the man well. He's a decent man, from what I remember. He's shorter than me, but size does not matter when you're as big as he is. That is said with respect.

    I hope we can impart to him; should you be reading; some valuable information that will enable him to move beyond this and find for himself, a place without deceit and misinformation.

    Let's be there for HIM, should he make the break.

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