BLOOD --giving or taking

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  • JH

    I guess that If I had to receive blood for some reason, then I would think more about it, but I guess that I still have that fear of giving or receiving blood, as if it's still wrong.

  • Sara Annie
    Sara Annie
    While I don't believe it's wrong to take it, something in the old blood brochure sticks with me: They referenced someone who said blood is like an organ, you have to make sure you have a good match, more than blood type or RH factor. Does anyone have more info on this? Or am I just hanging on to old brain washings?

    Just hanging on, I fear. Type and Rh factor match are the standards by which transfusable blood is matched with a patient in need.

  • Midget-Sasquatch

    I've given it once (I'm O negative), but relatively speaking, that was alot of volume outta me. I think its wonderful to be able to help in this way.

    As for receiving it, while I have no religious objections, I still have some reservations, due to my paranoia over possible hepatitis/HIV contamination. I know its highly unlikely now, so I'd take the blood and my chances.

  • Soledad

    I gave blood last week for the first time ever. It's a nice feeling knowing that I could save some lives.

  • Ingenuous

    This is the issue that got me out of the Org. I decided to re-examine the issue, study my Bible closely, and try to understand thoroughly the Org's reasoning, all in an effort to be able to "give a reason for my faith" and take an unwavering stand. When I started understanding how illogical and unreasonable the Org was being, other things started clicking as well.

    I would accept it and give it.

  • PaulJ

    I think i would if i really really needed it. I dont fancy giving it tho...


    Interesting topic here. Always guaranteed to get some responses.


    Oh that last JW strongholds for me, now long gone.

    Would I give? Yes. Can I? Yes. Am I allowed to? No.

    Like Lady Lee, I too have a B12 deficiency. Also, the 'gay' factor eliminates me here, immediately, despite my HIV negative test (recently).

    I'm rh negative, so initially, they were thrilled to have someone A Negative. But once the questions were asked etc., they were unable to allow me to donate. They were saddened by this. Me too.

    If you can donate, that's great. It shows how far we've come now doesn't it?

    If I needed it, I'd be OK with it. Also, I know family/friends that are A Negative, so if I can get them in a pinch, I'm set.

    Also, I can still do autologous donation for MY OWN operations. So I can donate, but it's strictly for myself.

  • Fe2O3Girl

    I have been a blood donor for years, but as I have been pregnant for 10 months in the last year, I haven't donated for a while. I think it is an important contribution to society, and besides, my JW mum or dad might need one of the fractions from blood I donate!

    Apparently, in England, there are far more blood donors in the North than in the South (and we Northerners donate more to charity!) Giving blood only takes a few minutes, and it doesn't hurt.

    I have also registered as a bone marrow donor.

    If I were to need a transfusion, I would take it. There are risks associated with everything we do, every medical treatment has risks and benefits. I am confident that the benefits of transfusions outweigh the possible risks by far.

    As far as the supposed Biblical ban on use of blood - I am not convinced. In the OT, was the law on eating unbled meat applied to everyone in the Israelite territory, including foreigners, or just the Jews? What was the penalty for eating unbled meat? How did Jesus view allowing a person to die or even suffer in order to follow the Law? In the NT, blood was referred to along with "things sacrificed to idols". What else is written about things sacificed to idols?

    I have never eaten black pudding though. We are all allowed one hangup, aren't we?

  • Tez

    Ughhh black pudding - No way!! Not made up my mind about the blood issue though have carried a organ donor card for years (they can everything except my eyes!!! got a thing about that, don't ask why!).

    Suppose I ought to decide really about blood, know mine is no good to anyone, recent test says I am not immune to Hepatis 2, so wouldn't want to give it away..

    Thanks all, made me think!

  • PaulJ

    I could never eat black pudding. URGH!!!!!

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