the society is "encouraging" chinese converts to go back to china to preach

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  • in a new york bethel minute
    in a new york bethel minute

    my mother told me this at dinner tonite. has anyone else heard of this?

    she didn't know if the work was still under ban there, and neither do i. but either way it's pretty stupid. she also said that a "sister" told her that "a lot of chinese students here in toronto are getting the truth and quitting their schooling so they can go back home and share it with their families and others." holy shitballs what a retarded jw myth that is! i had to leave the kitchen before i colapsed because of the amount of stupidity in the room

    bethel minute

  • kid-A

    Bethel minute,

    Im from toronto and my impression is there are TONS of toronto dubs having studies with the influx of chinese (including my mother, LOL). But heres whats really funny, they are using the "bible studies" for two reasons...learning english and having the DUB help them with their immigration papers! I know several dubs who have complained that virtually all of their chinese studies keep pestering them to help them fill out the immigration forms in proper english! ITs priceless!!!!!!

  • anewme

    Gee! Is Jehovah going to wait for all the Chinese people to receive a thorough witness this way before he brings on the four winds of destruction? We'll be waiting forever!

  • misspeaches

    Kid-A, the same thing happened where I grew up.

    There were a lot of chinese students in the area and they had very poor english. They accepted bible studies purely as a means of learning english.

    We had this one elders wife who was quite nuts and they seemed to flock to her for some reason. She used to learn Chinese words for bible and stuff and go around sprouting them. The saying I remember her repeating over and over was "The Chinese! They love Jehovah! They love him you know!" All the while her head making these odd little twitches... It still cracks me up.

  • kid-A

    Miss Peaches,

    That is so true! I think they do a great job of appearing really interested and excited about it, at least thats how the non-chinese dub perceives it! Imagine how much money they are saving by not paying for language school and the non-chinese dub gets the satisfaction of having all these enthusiastic converts (because they tell a friend, and so-on and so-on) next thing the dub has 20 bible studies with the entire immigrant community...think of the hours to report! LOL.....Do any of these 'studies' lead to baptisms? Confucious say NO!! LOL

  • Ingenuous

    I could see this being true especially if the Org-sponsored classes for teaching the r&f Chinese aren't going as planned. I attended a Russian class in one congregation - this one group was responsible for handling the preaching work in Russian for the entire state. I get the impression that, as zealous as they are, after years of study within the group, very few are able to carry on a conversation comfortably. Encouraging native speakers to return to their homeland may be one way to work around the difficulties in creating fluent speakers out of those whose first language is English.

  • LongHairGal


    You are absolutely right about them using the stupid dubs to learn English. Many years ago I had a return visit to a young Chinese family who didn't speak English very well. The woman used to read with me and she used to ask me if her English was better since the last time she saw me. I told her "yes".

    I knew full well she had no interest in the "Truth" but was just using us to better her English and in time they stopped.

    I on the other hand was using her to get my time in.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Same things happening over here too. The Witnesses who visit me have learnt Chinese so that they can preach to the students studying at a nearby University. Apparently they've got quite a large group for Bible study (I think they said around 30 regulars).

  • Ring Wielder
    Ring Wielder

    Same is happening near us...A big Chinese group near the University. How long will it take them to witness to a fifth of the worlds population, when and if they go back home?

    They also had a Kurdish group from the asylum seekers who came to our city...Not one of them became a Witness...they have all disappeared into the sunset with plenty of free English lessons tucked under their belt.

  • scotsman

    You are wrong about the Chinese "using" the Witnesses to learn English. My mum offers bible studies and tells them that if nothing else it will help their English. She's got loads of studies with students, is learning Chinese and has a ball with them. They cook for her, bring her small gifts and letters from their parents thanking her for taking an interest in their kids. They all treat her with tremendous respect. None of them are baptised and I don't think any of those that have returned to China have continued their study.

    She's also in contact with Witnesses in Beijing. They are ther under the auspices of learning Chinese but are missionary sleeper cells. They email each other in a kind of code stripped of any religious/spiritual terminology in case it's read.

    Here they have a Mandarin congregation and in Glasgow they have Mandarin and Cantonese congregations and she's been to Belfast for a circuit assembly and Birmingham for the district assembly.

    It's all the rage.

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