the society is "encouraging" chinese converts to go back to china to preach

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  • Bonnie_Clyde

    So do very many of the Chinese studies ever get baptized?

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    BTW, the WT study two weeks ago talked about going to foreign lands to preach. It was mentioned at the study that the brothers in other countries like to have English speaking witnesses come to their land so they can send them to the English-speaking people in their community.

  • EarthMan

    in a new york bethel minute said:

    "she didn't know if the work was still under ban there, and neither do i."


    I know I'm a little late in joining this conversation, but here's some information from the Chinese government's official web site.

    "The state respects and protects citizens' rights to religious freedom in this country. According to the Constitution and to various laws governing religion, citizens have the right to believe or not to believe, the choice is theirs. Religious belief is the private affair of a citizen and no state organ, organization or individual is allowed to force citizens to either believe or disbelieve. Believers and non-believers enjoy equal rights and perform the same duties.

    The government also practices the principle of separating religion from politics and education. While it protects normal religious activity, it insists that one's beliefs must not interfere in the administration, judicial system or education of the state. In addition, it safeguards the legal rights and interests of religious organizations, including theological education, as long as the latter is carried out within the confines of the church.

    At the same time-as with all other social organizations-people involved in religious activity are expected to operate within the parameters defined by the Constitution. No organization or individual is allowed to make use of religion to oppose the people's government or to disrupt the socialist system, the harmony of the state, or the unity of the different ethnic groups in China. Such use of religion being against the law is considered a criminal act.

    All of China's religious groups are to remain free of interference from outside in such matters as running their own churches and faiths. Since neither China's government nor its theological organizations interfere in the religious worship of other countries, they expect the same impartiality from their foreign counterparts. Naturally this does not mean that worshipers in this country are to remain aloof from worshipers in other countries; on the contrary, they are free to make contact with religious groups and individuals on an equal and friendly footing anywhere in the world. China simply does not wish to see its religious organizations and religious affairs controlled by forces outside its own borders."

  • Pistoff

    " All the while her head making these odd little twitches... It still cracks me up."

    Gosh, what a great mental picture....the wife prattling on while the hubby's tic goes crazy.


    How's the haggis? I was in edinborough in September, what a great city.....took the train to Glasgow, wow, rainy and depressing. I am good with dialect, accent and languages; I could not understand 90% of what I heard in Glasgow.

    ( Ah toook the trrrain to Glasgoooo....)

  • joelbear

    people follow the path they think is right, we all end up somewhere.

  • ackack

    Yes... When I was in service (in Toronto), it was amazing how many chinese were getting witnessed to. Interestingly, when we did street work, we tended to target minorities (muslims & chinese) and had very good success going so.

    In the cong where I was, there were many bible studies (far above the average I suspect) and many of these with foreigners. However, later, many of these were shunted over the language specific congregations. Aparently, there were some bible studies who resisted being told to study and go to the language specific congregations. Those were prolly more interested in learning the language

    I myself had a Chinese couple I studied with, and I would help them with various sundry tasks. Then again, that was a lot for fun than sauntering from door to door. :)

    That mentality that these ones would go back home and spread the word these is pretty widepread... and then again, might not be so far-fetched. Family connections seem to spread the orgs message far faster than field ministry anyways. Could be the thin edge of the wedge to break into china.

    But studying with the chinese was very difficult. A lot of resistance on various points.


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