Who Was The Most Corrupt WTBTS President?

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    I say it was J.R. Rutherford and I sum up my reason in one word as follows;


    Greed for power and money. Who do you all think was the worst, cruelest, or most corrupt?


  • jeeprube

    I agree, Rutherford. He was obviously driven by the need for power. Today we see his spawn in the form of a dogmatic, know-it-all GB. Also in self righteous elder bodies.

    Thanks Judge!

  • ohiocowboy

    Do you mean besides all of them???!!! Actually though, I think Rutherford was the worst. Russell was a Religious Fanatic who along with being a "Medicine man" (Miracle wheat), etc, discovered an angle to promote and sell his Religion. It wasn't until Greedy Rutherford came along, and saw the money making potential of the publishing business that things changed rapidly and Rabidly for the worst. Rutherford didn't care about what the effects of his new teachings did to the followers, as long as the money kept pouring in. He thought that being different would be a big selling point, and WAS HE RIGHT! Droves of people recruited, and the rest is history.

  • VM44

    Rutherford certainly enjoyed the power he had, and the special "gifts" presented to him by his admirers. Knorr was a dictator, who also was petty, and ranted and raved about his pet peeves, but look how little has been written about Knorr. There are a lot of people still living who knew Knorr and how he operated the Watchtower, but nothing, not a thing, has been written about him? why? --VM44

  • Ticker

    Yep besides of all them. lol But I know what you mean Ohio Cowboy.


  • lawrence

    "Most" or "Least" is irrelevant, when compared to the reality: All have been and are FALSE PROPHETS.

  • ezekiel3

    I vote for The Judge. I mean really, what level of humility does it take to title yourself "judge" in a religious environment?!

    Knorr and Franz were just militant "keepers of the flame" of Rutherford. Russel was just a wacky kook.

  • Utopian Reformist
    Utopian Reformist

    I apologize for being fastidious, but, since I believe corruption can be categorized, I think there are several candidates to choose from in the WTBS heirarchy.

    As far as generally accepted standards of moral behavior and conduct are concerned, I believe we may have a tie between RUSSELL and his possible pedophilia; and/or RUTHERFORD with his rumored womanizing and drunkeness and embezzling.

    As far as political corruption is concerned, that trophy must go to FRANZ for knowingly, and willingly continuing to perpetuate the lies and make them appear believable. He could also make room for the writing staff and for Nathan Knorr for really converting the religious machine into a corporate business like facade.

    In then end, they are one and all guilty.

  • minimus

    Brother J.F. Rutherford gets my vote too.

  • littlerockguy

    If I knew then what I know now even as a vulnerable teenager when I got taken in by the organization I would never have become a witness after reading more of Rutherford's books and getting to know some of his history.

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