What have you learned?

by wanderlustguy 30 Replies latest jw friends

  • Honesty

    I have learned that I made a poor choice in accepting the Governing Body oif JW's claim that they are the voice of God.

    I have learned that I made a very good choice when I left the WTBTS/JW's when I decided to worship Jesus in the same manner the early Christians worshipped Him.

    I have learned that the UN/NGO scandal and Blood is OK but not OK in Bulgaria is only the tip of the iceberg.

    I have learned to never trust what some man says about God without throughly researching the Bible first.

    I have learned that the Governing Body of Jw's is not the faithful discreet slave.

    I have learned that the faithful discreet slave is a teaching parable that contrasts a faithful servant of Jesus with an unfaithful servant.

  • dedpoet

    I have learned that there are many more people than even I ever suspected that share my feelings about the watchtower

  • JH

    I have learned that as you get older, you learn more things about life and about everything, and that our opinion might change with time because we see things from different angles, so what I learned about the JW's is not my final opinion about them.

  • Es

    I have learned that i am no longer an outcast, that there are hundreds of people that feel the same as me. I have learned that there are wonderful people out there so much more compassionate than the borg. es

  • FlyingHighNow

    Cool, a black light.

  • doofdaddy

    I have learned that my thoughts and feelings post jws are not unique, in fact are very common.

    That we as exjws have a common bond that despite our broad range of new lifestyles and beliefs can get us communicating in funny sad serious heated loving ways that others will never understand

    Finally that I am OK and on the right track

  • FlyingHighNow

    We don't have to lose the "spiritual siblings" we got in the org. When we leave, we still have each other. There is still a bond.

  • sunshine2

    I think it was here when I found out about the United Nations.......now that I don't have access to WT literature anymore, I can read bits about on this website and it is hard to realize that this crap once made sense to me.

    I learned that Apostates are very nice people, that have started using their brain, that's all. I just wish that JW's would open their eyes and see that the deception is found in their own literature.....and that it is not made up.

  • jaffacake

    I've learned much:

    • thousands of facts;
    • a little more about science;
    • a lot more about religion;
    • humility;
    • that most things that I believed, when properly researched and tested, are wrong;
    • everyone has a valid opinion that should be listened to and considered, rather than rejected out of hand;
    • no person, no organisation, no religion, no scientists, know all or even most of the answers about everything;

    This forum did NOT teach me that JW teachings are false, I already knew this. But it DID teach me more about WHY they are false. And why this is no longer opinion but proven fact. That cannot be said of many religions but the out of their own mouths have the JWs condemned themselves.

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis
    What have you learned?

    1) Why the WTBS warn people about the dangers of the internet.

    2) That no matter which way you try it, 1914 just does not work

    3) That in some ways ex-witnesses are way more united than witnesses

    4) That "apostates" are not evil, devil horned people waiting on the outside of district conventions wanting to sacrifice you on an altar to Satan

    5) That there are some really hot men on this board

    6) Wtf an avatar is

    7) That if you go in a chat room, that does not necessarily mean you have to have a torrid love affair and leave your family for some guy across the country (or world as the case may be)

    8) How to really research a topic

    9) That wanderlustguy is such a cutie

    10) That these braids have gotta go

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