What have you learned?

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  • MerryMagdalene

    I have learned that there are many more people harmed by WTS policies, practices and procedures than I could ever have imagined, in ways I had never imagined, and that the Society cares more about protecting victimisers than victims.

    I have learned that even though it is often a struggle of immense proportions, those who leave the ranks of the WTS do not eat their own vomit (LOL) and do go on to live far happier and more productive lives than they did as JWs.

    I have learned how to reach out and how to allow others to reach out to meAnd I've learned a lot (or at least a little more) about flirting

    you WLG


  • talesin

    That is a good question ....

    I have learned about exJWs

    ... I am not alone

    ... they are the same as the rest of the world in their variety of viewpoints, and not all like me

    ... they value their freedom above all else

    ... many of them have struggled with the same issues as me, and most have found their way

    ... sexist attitudes prevail

    I have learned about the WTBTS

    ... corruption is widespread

    ... drunkenness is rampant with the elders, and it was not just my congo

    ... JCs about sexual matters are often used for salacious sexual gratification by the elders involved, and mine was no exception

    ... they maintain a haven for pedophiles,,, I had no idea about the coverups, and you would not believe the storm of rage this has created in me, to the point that I cannot even drive by the local KH without wanting to destroy it, over 2 years later

    ... new light about 'this generation' literally made me nauseous

    ... the turnaround on transplants, and people who died because of their 'cannibalism' policy

    ... so many lies and flip-flops, too many to detail

    ... the UN scandal --- this was truly shocking, their arrogance is astounding

    ... the Malawi/Mexico scandal,,, not as shocking, but still, disgusting

    I have learned about the internet

    ... I really can make friends online

    ... you can catch viruses from embedded links

    ... after a few forays into 'yahoo-land', JWD is one of the safest place to engage in discussion


  • stillajwexelder

    I have learned without equivocation that the WTBTS and all its agencies are NOT the FDS

    I have learned the WTBTS lies when it suits them calling this Theocratic Warfare Strategy

    I have learned that just because I now disagree with a lot of the WTBTS teachings that it does NOT make me a bad persosn worthy of destruction at Armageddon

    I have learned without equivocation though I already suspected having read GTR and CoC that 607 BCE has virtually zero evidence for it and thus the seven gentile times and 1914 are fairly meaningless

    I have learned a lot more but this list will suffice for now

  • prophecor

    I learned of certain place called Beth Sarim, a place, a mansion, if you would, that was to be used for greeting the dead loved ones such as, Jacob, David, Issac, Joseph and a whole host of others from ancient biblical times. A thing that was never known by me until having come here. Not that I'd have a problem with the place as I'm sure they'll need some place to camp out when they all return, but the fact that these things are so carefully hidden, little snippets of information, they would do good to let everyone know that not only do the religions that they are swaying people away from need to be investigated with a fine tooth comb, but so does the very religion of Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • thom

    I've learned some of the many ways the WTBTS has hurt people, ways I couldn't have imagined.
    I've learned that some that leave are able to put it behind them and some are not.
    I've learned that those that leave have all sorts of different views of God (or no God) now.
    I've learned that some become very open after a life of rigid thinking that "we're right".
    I've learned that some maintain a very rigid way of thinking and still think that they are right and if you don't agree that you're stupid.

  • damselfly

    I learned that I was not alone.

    I learned how to better communicate and reach out to others.

    plus all the flip flop on doctrines. Wow is all I have to say.


    (oh...and shark steak is delicious )

  • prophecor

    I've learned that you need to whip that thing out, anyway

    But do it somewhere else

  • wanderlustguy

    You mean this thing?

    I know it's corny, but hey, it's all about the fun!!!!

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  • Undecided

    I've learned that no human knows anything about why the universe exist, who God is, our reason for being here, from a spiritual sense. Spirituality is the invention of our imagination, that is why there are so many opinions of what "truth" is. Being able to pee is one of the joys of living.

    Ken P.

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