Is The Governing Body Of JW's Deliberately Deceiving People?

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  • DaCheech

    When the new Disfellowshipping phrase was first used 2 weeks ago "Brother xx is no longer a JW"

    I asked my P.O. why the new language, and did it mean anything diffrent. He honestly said that the society

    is changing terminology to protect from lawsuits. Also when MS and elders are taken off the announcement has been changed

  • Beta Male
    Beta Male

    My father-in-law looked me straight in the eye and said "the witnesses have a far lower incidence of child abuse than any other religion, something like 80%". Who told him that?

    He's only as smart as the society allows him to be.

  • Shining One
    Shining One

    I am in partial agreement with Moshe:

    >Why stop at just JW teachings? You could plug in the leaders of almost any organized religion into that question. I believe that all organized religion in history has resorted to fraud...

    The Roman popes used forged documents to solidify their power, 'The Donation of Constantine' said that the Roman Emperor had donated the Western portion of Christianity to Rome's control when he moved his capital to Constantinople. The forgery was not discovered until the 15th century.
    They also used the 'pseudo-Isadorian Decretals', within the same forgery, to further bolster their case for early claims to Roman authority. This portion was not found to be a forgery until the 18th century. The lands of the conquered Lombards in Italy was given over to the papacy. History shows that the marriage of politics to the early church led directly to the wholesale corruption of each and the apostacy of the original church.
    You can do further research in Robert Baker's, 'A Summary of Christian History', which is used as a seminary textbook.

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