Is The Governing Body Of JW's Deliberately Deceiving People?

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  • DannyHaszard

    The opposite of a wimpy mealy-mouth is a smash mouth and that would be me.

  • wanderlustguy

    People can justify anything in their minds...period.

    They probably believe they are doing the right things in their own mind, however twisted we may know some of the decisions are.

    Remember, too, they never really have to face the consequences of thier decisions...that's what elders are for.


  • jeeprube

    I think they're buried in their own reality. Maybe somewhere in the back of their minds, their conscience bugs them a little, but they then dismiss the feeling. They've become so consumed with JW traditions, that they have a skewed vision of reality. They must think that their very thoughts are from God. Their constant tirades against apostates, and on following their leadership betray a level of insecurity. I think they are mentally ill, and it is this flaw which will ultimately defeat them. There is no way the movement can survive another 50 years as it is. I don't see the majority of the younger generation sticking with it through the rest of their lives. Disillusionment is already setting in among them, and will only increase. As more years go by, and nothing the WTS preaches actually happens more are bound to fall away.

  • Ticker

    I do agree that their legal team though is decieving people on purpose. Why else do they spend all that money and time to defend a convicted pedophile. Why do they try to hush up abuse cases and then downplay the seriousness of them. I honestly don't think the Governing Body has that much control any longer, for one thing they are far too old to run a multi national corporation, and it has become increasingly legalistic. They are becoming like any other corporation that doesn't feel it needs to hold responsibility for its actions and feels it can hold a cloke of secrecy over its members. I think the governing body's control of the WTBTS is definetly waining, and before long they will be gone and their positions eradicated. I believe the governing body days are short numbered and will become part of past watchtower history.


  • DannyHaszard
  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I bought into the whole "they are victims of the early teachings" for a long time. Until I read "Crisis of Conscience"

    Ray presented the information he learned that they were wrong. He gave it to them. So they know!!!

    And then they found a way to get rid of him.

    All so they can continue to control and manipulate the R&F.

    Now they have all these lawyers trying to protect them. If they had acted ethically or moraly in the first place they wouldn't need a team of lawyers to save them from their mistakes.

  • Legolas
    Is The Governing Body Of JW's Deliberately Deceiving People?


  • DannyHaszard
    Now they have all these lawyers trying to protect them. If they had acted ethically or moraly in the first place they wouldn't need a team of lawyers to save them from their mistakes

    Roger that Lady Lee!Cults-always count the lawyers & count the kids it's a dead giveaway.

    How many lawyers do you need?Is the Watchtower corporation 'corporate raiders'?If they are so benevolent why all the legal whores?

    Yes,how many lawyers does a non-prophet corporation need?


    Danny Haszard Bangor Maine-'expert witness on the Jehovah Witness'

  • sunshine2

    I think that maybe in the beginning they thought they were doing the right thing and maybe were convinced of it too......but in time I am sure that they know that they are wrong in their thinking, after all of their prophecies did not come true. Surely they MUST know that God or Jesus are NOT talking to them to reveal anything.

    But they don't know any other life, where would they go? Not everybody has guts like Raymond Franz, unfortunately. And of course the power that they have over 6 million poeple must feels good yeah, they're wrong and they know it!

  • Preston

    Like what WLG said, when people have a religious agenda, thy can pretty much justify anything. I think the biggest tell tale sign is the fact that humility isnt reserved for the upper echelons but all the other dubs have to deny their humanity (i.e. "I am just a good-for-nothing slave"). If Joe JW or Sister Good-Intentions went around calling themselves "Princes" and "Sharers in the destruction of Satan's System" or "Gifts in Men" or "God's Wife" or "Mother" the elder body would put one in their ear and knock 'em on their prospective arses. Who does the governing body speak to? God? don't make me laugh.....

    - Preston

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