I think im depressed AGAIN!

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  • prophecor

    Es, Hi, hon.

    I've not read the rest of your thread here, but I wish you would feel that someone is deserving of you, as well as your being worth of love as well. We shoot our own selves in the back often times, and though I don't know you or what your situation entails, but I think you might be affaid.

  • JW83

    Just wait till he starts picking his nose in front of you!!! :)

  • Es

    heheeh great comment JW83. Thanks guys really you are all great each and everyone of you. I think i am afraid....my bitterness towards certain things and not being able to let go of baggage was a bit of the reason my ex stopped loving me, maybe im afraid that im doing the same thing again. es

  • LouBelle

    Your pic looks happy - but looks are deceiving. Have you asked yourself why you are unhappy. If you're honest with yourself I'm sure you'll find the cause of it. I know sometimes I don't like to admit something about myself or there's something bugging me & I kinda know but just don't want to voice it. The minute you "voice" it - it becomes real and something you have to deal with.

    I hope you can find the root & tackle it head on and come out smiling again. All the best & may your ray of sunshine sparkle soon.

  • PaulJ

    I know how you feel. The thing that keeps me going is looking forward to things. Although you say you're trying for a baby and you are getting married, have you got any short-term things to look forward to?

    Im planning a holiday at the mo, and its my brothers wedding on 3/9. But whats making me happy at the moment is that im watching a film tonight and ive been looking forward to that for ages! Then tomorrow night im watching my football team play on TV.

    Have little 'event' that you can look forward to every day if you can..... it helps me

  • Dimples

    ((((((((((( ES ))))))))))

    I am sorry you are not feeling so great at the moment. I hope you are happy again really soon.



  • Legolas
  • Es

    Thanks all I have awoken with a goal this morning, I would like to loose some weight before my wedding so now im ready to start sorting out my life and actually doing something to make me feel better. Wish me luck. This is the little thing to start working on. Luv ya all es

  • doofdaddy

    Get your ex off his lazy fat arse to be a man and take on his responsibilities as a father.

    You need some adult time with your new partner away from your child.

    Jeez I have a low tolerance rate for spineless unloving " fathers!"

  • juni

    Hi ES!

    Depression is very hard to deal with; I speak from experience. And I can appreciate your concern for trying yet another anti-depressant. Walking helps a lot. It relieves tension and has been proven to raise your serotonin levels.

    If you want, you can pm me and I can be more open about this problem. Enjoy your get away and take in all the good things around you. while you are there. Juni :)

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