I think im depressed AGAIN!

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  • wanderlustguy
    Im getting married in Nov, going to be trying for baby no 2 going to Fiji in Feb....so you see i have lots to be excited bout but im just not.

    Sometimes when I get depressed I make myself really busy, kinda like what you describe here, when really I need to STOP DOING ANYTHING for a minute. It's the hardest thing to do, nothing, but maybe you should try it for a few days, just think about nothing, do nothing as far a planning things, just take it as it comes.

    Helps me a lot.


  • vitty

    I suffered from depression for years on and off, maybe i will again, but the last bout was about 10 years ago.

    Dont hesitate, going to the doctor, I always left it far too long. I was so disapointed with myself, its such a silly way of reasoning. If I felt myself going down now, id zoom of to the doctors and get myself sorted straight away.

    If you do it sooner than later it wont take as long to get back to normal. I very rarely take pills, like anadin for a headache, but ive learned over the years not to be so unreasonable with myself, if you need them (prozac) take them even if its only for a month.

    If you needed extra vitamins you wouldnt hesitate would you. !!!!!!!

    Herbal is great if its not gone too far .

  • joelbear

    i suffer from severe anxiety and depression and have always hating medication, but now i have found a medication that works and has no side effects. it is called Cymbalta. it may not be your answer, but my point is, don't give up.



  • misspeaches


    You poor little pumpkin. That's a horrible way to feel. Especially when you know it is contrary to your nature. Being unable to snap out of it just exasperates the problems also. :(

    Have you got a good network of friends close to you? Sometimes just having friends spend time with you can reaffirm what a great girl you are and give you the lift you need. I need my friends to help me get through life.

    I wish I could wave my wand and help you through this but its not magic... We luv you here anyways and I hope you are feeling better VERY soon!!!

    Miss Peaches

  • Es

    Thank you all so much......perhaps i may start taking the medication I was on a couple of months ago, as it did really help, some if the side effects were bad tho....I will also try the Vitmain B6 as was recommend by Frannie?? i think. I was thinking last night it may still be a little post naetel depression i know i havent been the same since having my son, but that too was circumstances i mean in the first year of his life i had to do everything myself without any help of the ex and then we split up...so its been a very tiring 3-4 years..im tired of worrying im tired of stress im tired of being strong, I kinda want to run and hide a little. es

  • damselfly

    Sweetie, it sounds like you need a few days to yourself to re-connect with who you are and what you need to be receiving. If it's not possible to get a few days, then try and make the most of whatever "alone time" you do have. Really think about what you need and what you want. It's okay to be selfish every once in while if it recharges your batteries. What do you need that you aren't getting right now?


  • talesin

    es, I am feeling you! (((hug))) I struggle with depression and can't take meds due to the side effects. It's a challenging path, and I would definitely see my doctor, especially if you are thinking this could be post-partum. Like it or not, you may need some meds for a while.

    I like what damselfly said here,

    What do you need that you aren't getting right now?

    Yes, that sounds about right, from what you have written. I am hoping that you can think clearly,,, if not, then you may be a bit more depressed than you are acknowledging. Let's turn this around as soon as possible, you deserve to feel better!


  • JW83

    Es, I am definitely hearing you. I haven't been the same since having my daughter either, she is nearly 3. I just feel rushed all the time, inside, and I think I really need to take 6 months off, but I can't really afford to ... It's like things just keep happening & I wish I had nothing to do at all!!! Keep smiling, x

  • Es

    Funnily enough i went away for the weekend, to a friends farm, did a bit of soul searching, realised how much i love my fiance, but also realised he deserves better than me. Im a bitter person and i dont want to inflict that on him, he really is a beautiful person i have a lot to learn from him more than i want to admit. So i dont know what it is i want and am not getting thats what kinda depresses me more i feel i have no right to feel like this get me.

  • MerryMagdalene

    Darling Es~

    I can empathise with you feeling worn down from taking care of your little one all alone the first year. Although I have not had to work outside the home these last 4 years, my ex financially supporting my being a full-time mother, I have still been the only one to care for our daughter 24 / 7, with only the occasional rare hour to myself here and there, and that's no easy thing.

    i love my fiance, but also realised he deserves better than me

    I can even empathise with that statement. My first reaction was to say, maybe you should let him be the judge of that, but then I realised the underlying problem would still be there. I once read that, as adults, we will never allow anyone to treat us worse than we treat ourselves. I think that may also swing the other way, and we will never allow anyone to treat us better than we treat ourselves.

    So your bitter...you don't have to be bitter forever. It's not an intrinsic part of who you are. You can work through this. But don't shut love out while you do. Maybe a professional opinion would be a good thing right now.



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