I think im depressed AGAIN!

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  • Es

    heya luna....i was a bit up and down the last few weeks whether this is what i wanted....the last week tho i really know this is who i want to marry.... i guess coz ive been there before i have really high expectations of my partners too high at times and then i get disapointed when the cant reach them. So its more me than anything.....he has seen the total worst of me and yet still loves and supports me...its me all me and i need to snap out of it. Yeah i used to be on zoloft they were the better of the few i tried, maybe i should look at herbal rememdies. My problem is i worry bout to much es

  • damselfly

    Maybe this will make you smile.

    I made this picture and put the flower in my hair 'cause you look so pretty with yours.


  • luna2

    Ah, well I'm glad you feel confindent about the upcoming nuptials. Maybe a visit to the doctor would be helpful?? (my friends would fall over if they say me recommending a doctor visit. I never go myself. LOL).

  • Ingenuous

    You do have a lot on you. It could be stress or exhaustion, in addition to all the wonderful chemicals all these changes have your brain swimming in.

    Even though you have a lot of wonderful stuff coming up, you might want to find time just to sleep, pamper yourself, and have some private quiet time.

  • Stress Free
    Stress Free

    Wow, getting married, planning on having another child and going on a overseas holiday, now that's a lot of stress for anyone to deal with. It sounds like you need a little time to yourself to relax and be pampered.

    You need to laugh so you should go and rent for yourself a good comedy movie or go to the movie theatre, I'm sure the posters here could recommend a few good comedies to cheer you up!!

  • doofdaddy

    Sorry fo hear you have the blues. My vote is for laughter and surrounding yourself with positive light hearted friends...

    Does wonders for me

    Also a balanced diet and exercise. So easy to let slip.

    Thinking of you

  • Es

    Thanks all, will take that advice....i need to let go thats all. And im going to start exercising and going on walks so hopefully that should help out alot es

  • JW83

    Es, I read your post yesterday & I've been thinking about it - it's growing up that's hard, responsibility, especially when you're responsible for a child as well, two marriages, a possible other child - it's a lot to think about & take on, especially in mid-20s!

    As my hubby says, you've got to fill the jar with the big pebbles first, & the little pebbles will fit around them (as in priorities). Priority no. 1 - make some fun time for yourself every week, just for you - & I'll try to take that advice too!

    btw, enjoy Fiji!!!

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Es, I know from personal experience that a good B-complex vitamin daily will really help with depression. Can't hurt, yanno.



  • confusedjw

    Depressed or low energy. And of course one can lead to the other. Check your thyroid? Be sure you are really getting enough sleep.

    Dr. ConfusedJW (No House Calls)

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