Toronto: Under Tornado Warning!!

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    Not sure if these will turn out well or not.

    The one with the wedge-shaped tip, that one is causing a 'waterspout' out in Lake Ontario. The same cell that was churning overhead of me.

    The second photo here, I was on the phone with Big Tex giving him a play-by-play. Chris, that's what I was looking at.

  • Uzzah

    There was a touchdwon in Fergus (north west fo Toronto) but fortunately no tornados in Toronto though a funnel did start to form in the north part of the city but never touched down. The funnel cloud in Fergus caused black outs but so far no reports of injury or displaced people.

    Ray: I've been on CP24, weather network, 680 giving preparedness/response tips. Also to the Star and Sun. So if ever you need anything as a result of the storms, my contact information is the same

    Now I am just sitting here having put all my teams on alert, waiting ... hoping I can stand them all down shortly.

    Ajax/Pickering for storm front 1 and Erin, Orangeville, Caledon right now for the second front. Glad you are doing well.

  • Elsewhere
    Is that black thing in the left hand corner the tornado???

    Wow! Looks like a water spout.

  • shera

    Take care everyone.


    Hey Elsewhere. It could be, but some of those MTO camera/traffic webcams can be so dirty and'll see a spider crossing the screen, which is always good for a laugh. It could be, as there are warnings for Lake Ontario marine. Waterspouts.

    Here is a map from Environment Canada of southern Ontario. It's very current. So the tornado warning for the city of Toronto: ended.

    But, other areas in the map (colour coded), have imbedded warnings. Mouthy is in the other tornado warning area.

    Here's the map link:

  • delilah

    And I'm near Mouthy, and we had torrential downpours severe thunder and lightening, and it was as black as night. Our power threatened to go out several times, but luckily, we did not see any tornadoes here.....the sun has come out a few times, but it seems to be getting dark once again.....

  • JH
    but it seems to be getting dark once again.

    That happens every evening delilah

    RAYZORBLADE much more quieter now.

    It was quite the afternoon. We could see another repeat later today (Saturday, August 20). I will stay tuned.

    For more info, in case some of you are curious as to the storms that raged through southern Ontario, click the links below:

    The town of Fergus, Ontario was struck the hardest. Apparently, it was a strong touchdown. The actual F-rating will be stated today or tomorrow, but I dare to guess it was at least an F2 (Fujita scale).

    There was much flooding. Areas along the lower Don Valley, were completely flooded. If you know Toronto, the Don Valley Parkway is a very busy expressway that leads out of downtown. The lower end was flooded along with a few main roads. No cars could get through. If they did, well...they're under water now. Thankfully, no injuries or deaths.

    There were other touchdowns and several sightings of funnel clouds: I saw it with my own eyes. The interesting bit of information that I was not aware of, was the colour of the sky. It was GREEN. Watching one of the local television stations, the meteorologist indicated that this 'green' colour is the sun hitting the hail within the storm clouds. I did not know that. But just the same, if you see green clouds, you're in for it.

    Candidlynuts: Canada has had tornadoes since forever and a day. We get them more often than you think. We've had some very bad ones over the past 100+ years that have claimed many lives and causing millions upon millions of dollars damage. In 1985, in the city of Barrie, Ontario; an F4 roared through there killing several people. It was unbelievable!

    One of our posters, seldom here (Rosalyn) went through the Woodstock, Ontario tornado back in 1979. That one was an F3, and it was deadly. I remember her relating the story to us. It was frightening.

    Jgnat, not sure if you lived in Edmonton back in July 1987, but if you did, I'm sure you'll remember Canada's secondmost deadliest tornado.

    Yes, we get tornadoes up here. The frequency is definitely not as often as the United States. Some may go unseen as there's so much of this country that is uninhabited and sparsely populated. Even if they were more frequent, the population density of the country is far below that of the United States, therefor making sightings, few.

    Apparently, we rank 2cnd in tornado activity, globally.

    It's Saturday morning, just a few minutes before 5:30 a.m. (EST) and it's calm as can be outside. Just the way I like it.

  • shera

    Glad as is well with everyone,keep in touch.

  • luna2

    Wow, you guys had a scary afternoon/evening! So much of what you described brought back vivid memories of growing up in northern Illinois. Tornados every spring/summer. I used to have recurring tornado nightmares as a kid. Glad everybody made it through alright.

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