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  • gwyneth

    Jesse--"Jess-Bess," "Honeycat"

    Snowy--"Snow Blob," (my mother calls him that--he is a very fat cat), "Snow-Blow"

    Ryan--"Outdoor Cat," (Snowy's brother, too fat to fit through the cat door, named with the same scorn as "Snow Blob" by my mother)

    Harry--my Jack Russell, the light of my life. "Harry-Harry-Bo-Barry," "Hare-Bear", and "Kissy-Boy" (named by the kennel workers at the vet.)

    George--I named him after that Bugs Bunny cartoon with the Abominible Snowman--"I will name him George, and I will hug him and squeeze him and pet him and love him....." Otherwise known as "Killer" (he averages one mammal per week--mole, squirrel, chicken, etc.), "Dumpster Cat" (found him at our local convenience store,) and "Pig Ass" by the Pepsi truck driver who comes to the convenience store. Pepsi Man used to bring George cans of catfood when he was homeless, but since he's been adopted, he is fat and happy. One day George went over to say hello to the Pepsi Man, but when Pepsi Man put the catfood down, George wasn't interested (just had some Meow Mix or other such delicacy.) We watched behind bushes and heard the Pepsi Man call George "Pig Ass," in a tone of voice that implied, "How ungrateful of you to turn your nose up to free food, you supposedly starving homeless cat!" (It was still sweet of Pepsi Man to bring catfood specially for George while making Pepsi deliveries on his route.)

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    "Ronin" is my rottweiler/husky dog.

    "Ripley" is the cat

    "Francois" is the beta.

  • NeonMadman

    We have a golden retriever named Dedrie and a Sheltie named Shannon. We had a second Sheltie named Nikki, but she died last fall. Those three were my wife's dogs before we were married. I had a 17 year old wirehaired daschhund named Buster who died on Thanksgiving weekend of 2003. I still miss that little guy.

  • GoingGoingGone

    Talesin -

    or Border Collie, medium size, longish hair, friendly and oh-so smart, emotional

    I have a Border Collie.... she's amazing!! Border Collies are extremely intelligent, willing to please, easy to train, but need a lot of attention and like to have a 'job' to do. Ours enjoys herding our 3 cats, with varying success.... Cats don't generally allow themselves to be herded.... .

    PM me and I'll send you pictures and more info!! I'd love to post pics of my pets here, but they have to be anonymous like me for a while.....


  • luna2

    There you go, talesin...Get the border collie and a couple of sheep or miniature goats or something for it to keep track of. LOL

    I've had a lot of pets over the years. Got kind of burned out with it. Had to leave three of our kitties, Rosie, Panther and Spot at my cousin's farm when we moved from Illinois. A couple years after we moved here, I had to take my sick 10 year old cocker spaniel, Sparky, in to be put to sleep and that pretty much did me in with the pet thing. One of the hardest things I've ever done in my life. We still had two cats, but one died of old age and one disappeared...I'm afraid she got hit by a car although we drove all around the neighborhood trying to find her. Ugh. Too much grief. I still haven't recovered. So, like candidlynuts, I'll stick with stuffed critters for the time favorite is my Ty flamingo, Pinky.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    I used to have one of these......

    ..........and she was called FOOTPRINT (died of old-age)


    OK...the lovely little lady here in my avatar is: Nimh, a female cockatiel. She's footless. But don't let that fool you for one moment that she's disabled. She's a sweet bird, very friendly and stays here beside me at the computer. She begs for head scratches, loves Doritos and any snack I may happen to have. She's very affectionate and very funny to watch. She loves my pens and reading glasses. They more often than not end up on the floor.

    The other two birds are: Baby (yellow female budgie/attached photo) and Busy (green & yellow male budgie). Baby is the BOSS in this household. Busy, he's mischievous. He may be tiny, but he enjoys knocking over CDs, toys and likes to nibble on my documents/bills/lottery tickets. Little devil.

    All these critters are rescued birds. Baby came from the Toronto Humane Society; Busy came from the Scarborough Animal Shelter. Nimh was a private rescue from the Whitby-Oshawa area.

  • shera

    Love your birds Ray!!

    Well I have *clears throat* 10 birds...

    6 cockatiels and 4 budgies

    The tiels names are Jake,Meka,Woody,Twillite,Mama and Moochies.

    Moochies is Jakes and Meka's chick,that I hand raised after 2 weeks.What a sweet bird,just love him!

    The budgies names are,Sasha,Baby,Sweety and Skittles.

    Going to get some pics together and show em off.

  • Moridin

    I have two is Magick and the other is Anubis.

  • shera

    Here are my babies

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