Demonic exorcism by a JW elder

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  • delilah

    Ironically, as I'm reading this post, it is thundering, lightening and VERY dark outside......good time to read scarry stories. Out-of-the-box, I have goosebumps all over....we've had silly things happen, but never real scarry, evil things...thank god. But i know others who have, and it's not a fun thing to go through. I too, was not expecting that terrible ending.....why did he commit suicide???? How bizarre.


  • out of the box
    out of the box


    no one knows. It was weird when we heard of it. We imediately said 'remember the exorcizing'?

    It is a shame, he had remaried and had 4 children all under 18 when he did it. I think he was depressed because his life was not as good as it was before he moved away. He was an elder. He moved to West Virginia and then back to Mass. to another city. He probably came across a cong. that did not accept him in the same way. I am speculating that he did not have the same status. I never heard anything else about him. .

    out of the box

  • ezekiel3
    My JW husband called an elder and he told us to check anything we had bought recently from a yard sale, etc.

    Ahhh, yard sales, the marketplace of Satan.

    Funny how my Harry Potter collection and 'spiritistic' library don't seem to have any effect.

  • Ingenuous
    He read from some book and then the Bible.

    What was the other book?

  • skyman

    My wife and I had something like that happen to us but we actually were able to see the spirit. I was a very strong Witness at the time so it was very believable to us that this spirit we saw was a Demon. Now I think, some how we had to of made it all up in our minds that night. It is not unheard of for more than one person to see something that is not real. People that are hypnotized see that same things and they believe it is true. What happen to my wife and I, was very, very real to us. She will not talk about it to this day. But I now believe that it was not a demon but a share illussion like being hypnotized. Jehovah Witnesses are very impressionable people and I nor you can truely believe everything our mind tells us is true. We need have an open mind to that fact, that we could be have some how made things up with out even knowing it. For: many people see a bright light before they are brought back from a near death experience. But scientist can create a near death experience in the lab under controled circumstances. The subject thinks he see dead family members and some times actually thinks he talks to them but in reality the subject is not even close to being dead. So don't believe everything even are on experiences.

  • out of the box
    out of the box


    I am not sure what book he read from. It was a JW publication he probably just happened to have in his truck.

    I have seen visions now and then, nothing to be afraid of. But, all 'demonic' stuff happened to me while I was a JW. The gal I studied with used to refer to Satan a lot (Gail Monroe) and maybe that was why I had a problem. That could by why I had to get a psychologist to de-program me too. I thought all the demons were going to come after me like in that movie 'Ghost' when the black spirits attacked only the guilty ones dying. Ha ha!

    That elder, Sonny, surprised everyone by committing suicide. Somebody made a comment that he was barred from the New System after that and all that he did good was wiped out!!! (A JW said this) I am sure that made his funeral a fun place to be! (I did not go, I was way out by then.)

    out of the box

  • Ticker

    Your mind can do strange things, its like seeing the green frog or a bright light. You can vividly see it, yet it does not exist other then in your mind. I remember reading that in a psychology book, taking examples of people who earnestly swore they seen apparitions and aura's luminating from people. Now im not saying it can't be true as its what I consider unexplained, and it's difficult to say one way or the other. Im a tad bit skeptical though but I do believe their is some sort of energy or power out their but I find it hard to believe that some object or form is needed for a spirit to become attached to a person or place. Possibly but I attribute that thought mostly to JW folklore, and I don't really believe any JW urban legends. If this really happened yes it would be very eery to say the least, damn wish it happened to me then I wouldn't be a skeptic. lol Although I have witnessed some strange events.


  • Sirona

    What a waste of good books!


  • claytoncapeletti

    "how do we know if there aren't other realms or dimensions out there where creatures unseen reside? could their possibly be a realm with "angels and gods" too complex for us to comprehend? can the ants comprehend us?"

    That's a great point, we could be living among spirts or other creatures that the 10% used portion of our brains just can comprehend. I have had a couple of "spirit" encounters over the years, although none nearly as good as the one written about here. Being out of the Borg and taking religion completely out of my life has only encouraged me to explore the endless possibilities of reality. Being free is really a great rush!!!


    "Brothers dont shake hands, brothers got to hug"

  • Utopian Reformist
    Utopian Reformist

    I apologize for being skeptical and I sincerely hope my opinion will not cause any negativity, BUT, I just can't accept anymore of these personal accounts about the supernatural.

    Believe me, no one has more incentive than I (at present) to want to believe in something for the sake of my daughter, who is now gone. But, in all of my years, I literally have tried to have some of these similar experiences that others post and I have never met with any success, other than simply convincing myself and causing my own mind to play tricks on me and induce morbid fear.

    The mind is powerful. Whatever it can conceive, it can believe and then achieve! If we believe there is something unusual about a place, or an object, we will start searching for proof. We will sub-consciously tempt our own selves into thinking and believing something supernatural exists, and something is at work and that danger is present.

    I have done that to myself numerous times as a catholic and as a JW. In retrospect, I now realize it is all infatuation and superstition and imagination. Fear is the improper use of the imagination. It is just not logical for a set of beads to rattle, or for any object to start moving and defying physics.

    Why would any spirit or supernatural force that is attempting to frighten to gain control use such pathetic means to establish a presence? If such entities exist, why would they waste their time and effort? Why not simply appear, communicate and interact with the human subjects in question and frighten and control them to their desire? I have to be logical and assume a more powerful being would also be more intelligent and just simplify the process.

    Also, if spirits exist, what in the world are they waiting for, an invitation? It is so absurd that superior forces would rely on inanimate objects as launching pads and platforms for entry into the human realm. It is just plain stupid.

    Also, why aren't all humans contacted? Why are only religious adherents at risk? I wonder if Thomas Paine, Carl Sagan, Aasimov were ever contacted by evil demons and spirits attached to special objects.

    I just can't believe the level of imprisonment some of us are still undergoing!

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