Demonic exorcism by a JW elder

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    That is what makes times like the one I had so strange. It is because when you are IN IT, it feels SO REAL! I mean things outside of your body that you did not touch, or see anyone else touch move! The room gets real cold for everyone. I did not say I was cold, and did not even look at the others (for fear of them turning their heads and vomiting green vomit!). So, when we discussed our experiences afterwards, what others were saying what was I had gone through! I also heard gasps and when I did peak at the others, they were white-faced and wide eyed and very still.

    rebel8: I suppose that being in a group where something like that happens can make you respond like the group. But, what excites the group to that level? I mean we were in the basement looking for the books, and we found the books and touched them, nothing happened like that. We were not 'held' in suspense of the horror of it all. Ahhh.... I SEE, it was ONLY AFTER THE PRAYERS and the elder started his EXORSISM that the STUFF started happening. But, there was the part about hearing footsteps, and I DID HEAR those! I DID HEAR the beads rattling in the middle of the night enough to wake me out of a sound sleep. (All around 3 AM I might add).

    I don't need to work it out as to what exactly happened. I just know it FELT real AT THE TIME. And if that little alarm ever goes off again, like the hairs on the back of my neck going up, I will avoid that experience whatever it is. Just because!

    out of the box

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