Why do some brothers quit Pioneering shortly after they get married?

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  • prophecor

    Hi TS. Pardon me, but my thought was along the same line as Danny, and Dan you have an excellent point, I was thinking, however, that to make my searching for a sister a little less suspect as to my primary motivation in the first place, I would pioneer, presenting myself to the community as a spiritual brother, worthy of some of the best of the flocks attention.

    After raising the stakes in the game, hoping to have the cream rise to the top, I could skim off the best pickings, taking the focus off my primary objective, the seeking of a mate. It only appeared that I was spiritually minded. I was only using pioneering as a means to an end. I just happened to hook up with a sister in the long and short of it, though. It's not a date, it's definitely not a date.

    I mean, how much more legitimate does my hooking up need to be, especially if she's a pioneer as well? We go out in field service together, we both have to make our hours so it's an excellent excuse as to why we're spending all this time together. I look forward, even more, to going out in service because, Sister Imahottientutoo, (Yes she is Afrikaner, can't you tell by the name?) will always be there at group, anxiouly waiting to disemenate all manner of precious truths to the neighboring community. I get a chance to take the group out on a regular basis, we spend time in the field, fudging numbers.

    Later on, after getting the usual no responses from the community, as most folks are at work, or those who are not, are asleep or already know it's the witnesses, ignore us anyway. The group begins to die off, they've made their quota of 2 hours, its getting hot, and suddenly, it's just me and Sister Imahottientutoo. We can leisurely do the JW stroll down our favorite busy street, holding out our magazines as we walk and talk. Occasionally, offering our back issues of the Watchtower and the Awake to an unsuspecting public, were having no conversations about anything really spiritual. I'm able to give Sister Imahottientutoo an ocassional " Dayummmm girl, you are just too fine for words " look. I have an opportunity to date, without it being blatantly obvious that it's a date, and then.................

  • Mastodon

    Because a little bit of reality starts creeping into their lives and they realize that they have to actually go out and make a living to support their households. They realize that Jehovah or his 'appointed servants' cannot and will not support them.

  • prophecor
    They'd rather boink all day.

    Is that the same thing as Plink, or is it Pluke?

    Either way, it doesn't sound very healthy

  • jeeprube

    I actually think it's because of the realities of life. Bills, bills, bills. Look, a husbands first responsibility is to feed and clothe his wife and himself. That's hard to do in todays society with a part time job. When my wife and I married, she was a pioneer and I was working full time. She had to quit pioneering just to work and help pay bills. Another part of the problem is that a LOT of JW's get married at a young age. I did. When you get married that young, you haven't developed a career that can suffeciently support two people. But man the sex is good!

  • GetBusyLiving

    After they find a wife they don't need to put on a show anymore. Mission accomplished. Finding a wife was used as a baiting technique in my old hall for the horny single brothers to "reach out".



  • kid-A

    GBL hit the nail on the head....its all a 'mating ritual' and a show designed to appeal to DUB mate selection criteria. I know countless guys, who were really borderline dubs, who suddenly became zealots when the urge to boink became overwhelming then promptly returned to a 'fader' lifestyle after the honeymoon....

  • Finally-Free

    It's because he discovers how high maintenance some of these JW women can be. Most of the pioneers™ I knew went on tropical vacations at least once a year - often twice a year. I didn't believe in wasting my hard earned money so stupidly. As a result most people thought that we were constantly in dire financial straits, and we were looked down upon for this by most in the congregation. I was even counselled by the elders for it.


  • upside/down
    souping up their Honda's

    That's all the rage now.

    I'm so glad my kids won't have to go through this...

    u/d(of the rutting pioneer class)

  • LongHairGal

    It has been my observation that the first year of marriage is very trying and stressful - for anybody. I know of some whose first year together was absolute hell - and you could see it on her face! Two personalities having to adjust to each other is not easy - no matter how "spiritual" or "in love" they were before.

  • Es

    heheh everyone bet me to it i was gona say coz there too tired from having sex all night, they have years to catch up on :P es

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