which JEHOVAH'S WITNESS SCARE TACTICS kept you from leaving?

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  • DannyBloem
    Hi Danny,

    it's interesting you are still a witness. how do you do it? Sorry haven't read about your life yet.

    since the promise of paradise doesn't mean anything to you...you must not believe the doctrine. so, fear of losing your family keeps you a witness? what if that fear was gone and your family would love you no matter what. would you stay a witness?

    Hi miss Whip (love the name, love the game)

    My story isn't that special. I do not believe in a God, let alone the terrorist God of the JW's.
    Yes, if it would not be for family and friends you would not see me there anymore.

    And well, sooner or later something will happen. I am not very good at shutting my big mouth when it is wise to do so.

    But for now, did not really see much reason to leave yet.


  • lonelysheep

    Armegeddon. They made me feel like crap and kept me in when I felt like leaving by using the "my children will die if I don't get baptized" guilt trip. Not good to hear when you're suffering from post partum depression and have a toddler.

  • stopthepain

    Luna2---I liked your post.I still feel that living on earth as a human is more enticing and makes more sense than going to heaven to me.I don't believe in either ,though.I can see how a religous person would buy it.Reancarnation,heaven,hell,there all just as silly,just some beliefs are more commonly accepted.

  • out of the box
    out of the box


    For me the carrot was the new system. I suddenly felt I didn't have to compete in this world and could just worry about each day. The future was taken care of, and my daily needs seemed easier. I thought I had found a family to belong to.

    The constant reference to torture by other governments and how ugly it will get at Armegeddon started to creep into my dreams. The behavior of the JWs started to make me feel real uneasy so I lost sleep. I thought if I got out, all the demons in the world would come after me. Funny the only experience I had with demons was WHILE I was with the JW's!!! I left, nothing happened (bad that is).

    out of the box

  • Elsewhere

    I was born into the cult so they threatened to take away my entire family and all of my friends... when I finally did leave they took them all away.

  • stevenyc

    As I was raised in it, most of the above. However, the biggest threat came from my mother when she explained that it would bring 'reproach on the family, especially my father'.


  • Will Power
    Will Power

    great description Ms. Whip, simple, to the point, and ooohhhh sooooo true.

    and Maverick....this is right on:
    "To be truly free of the Borg a WTS drone must actively uninstall this bit of programming or they will always have this nagging fear just under the surface and will never have peace of mind."

    Even if you leave as a teenager or young adult - once that mid-life crisis starts to kick in, or some trauma befalls you, like a death of a loved one etc., this PRE program can get relaunched in the brain.

    Those JW relatives are ready & waiting (like most predators) it seems almost impossible to overcome unless the brain has been de-bugged.


    will p

  • Bryan

    It was fear of god and elders. Once I finally decided I was out... the first time. I knew I was dead. When I met my wife, Evelyne, after the second time, I told her I was a dead man walking, just waiting for God to murder me.

    Fear is how the Tower controls it's members. Fear of loosing family, fear of displeasing God, fear of being shunned by everyone you ever knew, fear of dying in the Big A! What will grandpa Willy think when he's resurrected and I'm not there?!

    What mind control!


    Have You Seen My Mother

  • Ticker
    To be truly free of the Borg a WTS drone must actively uninstall this bit of programming or they will always have this nagging fear just under the surface and will never have peace of mind.

    This is very true, very true. Ive often mentioned this myself to others who are what I would classify as "believing walk-aways". You can't put the past behind you until you deal with it, no matter how hard you try to forget or bury it in your mind. If you don't confront the programming that was put into you, and reprogram yourself with logic and truth, You could be bound for years in the JW mindset.

    Ive personally seen ones who even after 20+ years of inactivity, and vehemiently denouncing their JW past, still hold on to the guilt and fear that was indoctrinated into them years prior. One lady I know who has been out since the early 80's but has never dealt with her past, only denies it. She is still in guilt and fear of armagedon. In fact during the Year 2K's approach she stated how she was so afraid that an armagedon will come. Still she stubornlly refuses to help herself when it is only a mouse click away or one simple book. Funny thing is she has the internet and is a avid book worm, she has no clue how close she is to finding freedom, and she still refuses to let herself be helped. At the time I helped myself by frequenting this site and reading books on the JW's past, I couldn't help but talk about it to someone since I didn't have many to talk with about it for fear of JW sanctions. Well I tried to discuss somethings with her, since she had been out for so many years and insisted she disliked the JW religion. You know she became a hurdle and actually tried to discourage my investigations on the Watchtower by very sarcastic and discouraging comments. This was a hard blow but thank goodness I read enough on the psychological effects of leaving a cult and didn't let it stop me in my journey. I realized she was still a JW even though not in the physical confines but rather in the mental.

    You need to want help to be helped and then seek it, after that all the fear, guilt, and indoctrination will slowly fall to the floor and fade away. Thus in the end leaving you with a priceless new found freedom.

    Sorry for the long reply to the quote, I didnt know how I could make it any shorter. And in answer to the threads question;

    The fear/guilt tactic that kept me prisoner for along time was the "if you arn't an active JW your kids will die at the big A". Then I read the scripture how we all stand before the judgement seat of God and that one cannot ride on anothers ticket into heaven,earth or wherever, and in one strike all that instilled twisted guilt lost its power.


  • Ms. Whip
    Ms. Whip

    yes, fear and guilt are big scare tactics...all the major christian religions use them to keep their members.

    as a witness, i blindly thought these tactics weren't being used on me. for one thing, jws don't believe in hell. it was all the other religions who used hell to scare their members into being good and staying in.

    now i realize that jws do use hell as a scare tactic...it's just way more personalized and you don't have to wait til you die to be tormented.

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