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  • Elsewhere

    The film Knocking about the Christian group known as Jehovah's witnesses

    Added: (Tue Aug 16 2005)

    A New film on PBS is in the making about Jehovah's witnesses , heres what we know. This is a letter sent to me The aim of KNOCKING is to give a general, non-Jehovah's Witness audience a fair look at a religious group that has long been misunderstood and relegated to cartoonish stereotypes. KNOCKING uses the real life stories of real families to humanize Jehovah's Witnesses. But we don’t shy from criticism. Our aim is that everything is fair and accurate. We show both the ups and downs, including what it is like for Witnesses who have unbelieving or opposing family members, and how divided families can find common ground. For instance, the young man who undergoes a groundbreaking bloodless liver transplant has opposing family members who come to the hospital to see first-hand how the new bloodless technology works. KNOCKING will be educational and illuminating for a non-Jehovah's Witness audience. Extended family, neighbors, co-workers and classmates of Jehovah’s Witnesses will certainly be interested to take a look. Closer to time of broadcast, we will offer DVDs for home and school use. The DVD will be a feature-length version of the film (the broadcast on PBS will be shorter) and will include extras like expanded interviews. We’ll be sure to send more details on that later. As of Summer 2005, the film is being edited in San Francisco. Throughout the course of the project, we filmed in California, Georgia, Ohio, New York, Nevada, and Texas as well as Austria and Poland. We filmed in Kingdom Halls, conventions and in the door-to-door ministry. Keep in mind that every Jehovah's Witness who has contributed to this film, either on camera or behind the scenes, has done so by their own personal choice. There is no official connection to the Watchtower Society, though the Bethel organization in Brooklyn, Patterson and Wallkill, New York has been cooperative with the producers of this film. We interviewed Watchtower representatives on camera and filmed inside Bethel. Watchtower has no financial ties to this project, nor any editorial control. It is important to know that this project is independently produced for public television, using a combination of public, foundation and individual funds. No one on the production staff is a Jehovah's Witness. The director's mother, however, is a Witness. And we do have Jehovah's Witnesses who are serving as consultants for factual accuracy. We also have academic, historical and medical consultants who are experts in their field but not Jehovah's Witnesses. We intend to premiere KNOCKING at a prestigious film festival such as Sundance in early 2006. A national television broadcast on PBS will follow. And the film will be made available on DVD. We also hope to bring KNOCKING to cities throughout the United States in 2006 for special screenings. This will be a chance for you to see a sneak preview and perhaps meet some of the film's subjects in a live Q&A session. The KNOCKING web site and these newsletters will provide updated information about where and when the sneak previews will take place. If you are interested in volunteering to organize such a screening in your city, contact us directly at [email protected] Please type “Volunteer” in the subject heading. We look forward to seeing the positive impact this film has in telling the untold stories of Jehovah's Witnesses.We hope you do, too. Thanks again for contacting us, and the KNOCKING staff will be sure to keep you up to date on the latest progress. Sincerely, Joel P. Engardio Producer/Director Heres the link

  • under74

    wow, they haven't learned a thing from all our e-mails.

  • jaredg

    has anyone thought to email steve hassan about this documentary coming out. i know that his main purpose in life now is to educate people about destructive cults and it would seem that this documentary would be counterproductive for him.

  • kid-A

    This is nauseating. It is essentially going to be a sugar-coated fluff piece and recruitment tool for the WTS. Its amazing how there is not a SINGLE mention of any of the recent scandals in the press release for this propaganda film. Uninformed people will watch this nonsense and remain completely oblivious to the child molestation scandals, the UN scandal, etc. I wonder if they will show footage of some JW dying in an emergency room for refusing blood? My bet is there wont be a single negative comment about the borg in the entire film.

    Somebody needs to make a REAL documentary about the borg....that would wake people up.

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    But we don’t shy from criticism. Our aim is that everything is fair and accurate. We show both the ups and downs, including what it is like for Witnesses who have unbelieving or opposing family members,

    If an independant Filmaker does his Job properly,then i for one see no problem in the above statement.Admittedly though,to be fair and accurate he will have to focus on the Disfellowshipping aspect and the heartache that causes (amongst many other controversial issues too!).But also maybe he will focus on genuinely sincere People who are just doing their thang and not hurting anybody .

  • GetBusyLiving

    Jared, do you know Hansons email? It would be a GREAT idea to fill him in on this.


  • ScoobySnax

    Won't this film just balance out some of the negative stuff all over the net about the Witnesses? I don't understand why some are getting there knickers in such a twist about Knocking documentary. So what if it potrays the JWs in a good light? You surely don't want all the market do you? I say let each person make up their own minds.

  • kls

    Scoob , will the pedophile issue be broadcast ,will the thousands that have died from the No Blood doctrine be broadcast,or even the tearing of familys be broadcast. How about the lies they have and do tell their sheep or even how the wt feels of the UN and yet was and may still be apart of what they consider evil.

    Doesn't sound like it to me ,so all unknowing people will see is the cover, and not what is really underneath.

  • kid-A

    I agree that people should most certainly have the right to make up their own minds....but they also have the right to see BOTH

    sides of the issue, and that is obligation and duty of a documentary film-maker. This is blatantly one-sided in favour of the WTS.

  • kls

    This crap just pisses me off . Many are trying so hard to show our loved ones the wickedness of the jw cult ,then some idiots are glorifying it on TV. Talk about a slap in the face .This could be a mager set back for many of us.

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