Children or no Children?

by Sirona 48 Replies latest jw friends

  • lola28

    Well I'm only 21 so I can say that at this point in my life I would not want children. I'm really not even sure that I would want children in the future but not because of the state the world is in simply because I can't imagine having to take care of some one else.

    When you think about it have things ever been peaceful on earth? I mean there have always been wars and people hurting other people but we all still move on. Yes there are bad people ouit there but as you said sometimes you meet someone that you are in awe of. along with all the bad stuff there is always good. I always think of Sept.11 and what happened that day. It really showed how evil some people are but at the same time we heard stories of people helping one another and showing love and compasion.

    The beauty of childern is that they bring hope.


  • wanderlustguy

    I have two, and they are incredible.

  • logansrun

    My plan is to wait till I'm on my deathbed -- hopefully in my 90's or past 100 -- and have someone take a seman sample for some lucky girl to have my child. But, if I can't get it up for whatever reason, they can just take some skin cells and clone me.


  • kid-A

    One other factor pushing me in the "want kids someday class" is the chance to experience all those WONDERFUL PAGAN holidays through the eyes of a child!! All the things I was denied!!

  • Finally-Free

    My wife and I didn't have any kids in "this system", thinking we'd have some in the "new system". We were "living in critical times" and we needed to put "kingdom interests first" in our lives.

    <pity party>Now I'm childless, no wife, and the youngest in my family. And too old to start again. I'll probably die cold and alone. </pity party>


  • confusedjw

    Do you think when you were old you would regret not having them?

  • Finally-Free
    Do you think when you were old you would regret not having them?

    I didn't think so at first. I started regretting it in my early forties. Talked to the wife about it, but she really disliked children anyway. W

  • Es

    I have one child at the moment and will be trying for the second in a few times i worry bout the world and how scary it can be but i tell you what the joy of a child is amazing and i wouldnt have life any other way. You have never experienced such intense love until you have a child and when they turn around and say i love you mummy your my best friend as my 3 year old says its the best. So the way the world is it still wont stop me from having more amazing children es

  • avishai

    The world has ALWAYS been in a state of upheaval. 15 yrs. ago you could have stated the cold war as a reason not to have kids, and look how that one turned out. I have a beautiful three yr. old, and it's great. That being said, I do underwstand the concerns with overpopulation, and she came along "unintentionally".

    There are TONS of kids in this country who need homes, especially with all the fertility treatments, people just are'nt adopting as much anymore. So I would STRONGLY encourage those of you who "don't want to bring anyone else into this world" but still have paternal/maternal" instincts and are wicked smart (tetrapod?) to look into it. Even foster care. These kids need us, and as a society, it's our job to help out. It takes a villiage, folks....

  • Mulan
    You won't ever regret having kids. They are wonderful, beautiful, annoying and expensive, but incredible little people who never cease to amaze.

    That's my girl, saying exactly what I would have said. I can't imagine not having had her and her 3 brothers.

    I have friends who didn't have children because of the counsel in the WT, and the difficult times we lived in, and they are now in their 60's or getting close to it, with no children, no grandchildren, and they are selfish. Sorry, but they are. Very set in their ways, with little patience for kids and are not very interested in ours. I realize that isn't the way every childless couple is, but the ones I know sure are.

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