how much money did you give the borg???

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  • Legolas

    Not much.........I'm glad to say ....although I pissed off that I gave any!!!!!!!

    We really only gave at assembly's

  • Leolaia

    Time = money. We were unpaid magazine venders.

    Let's see how much the time I gave them was worth. I was in the borg for about 15 years. That equals:

    • 5 hour-long meetings a week, 49 weeks a year (factoring in missed meetings) = 3,675 hours for the 15 years. That's 5 1/2 months non-stop of my life devoted to meetings.
    • 7 hours a day on convention days, 8 convention days a year (and adding in 5 more convention days for the longer conventions in the 1970s) = 875 hours for the 15 years.
    • 4 hours of field service on average per month. Yeah, I lied about my hours. = 720 hours for the 15 years.

    That gives me a total of 5,270 hours for the 15 years, not counting things like getting reading for meetings, driving time, shepherding calls I had to endure, Bible studies, etc. Now, if we assume a flat minimum wage of $3 an hour, that means I forked over a value of $15,800 to the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society. Adjusting for inflation, it's probably worth $25,000 now.

  • LouBelle

    If I had to calculate contributions for the world wide work, kingdom hall contributions, district conventions, money spent on buying the mags in the first place (They've only recently gone onto the donation system in South Africa) It would work out to a good few thousand.....

    Hell I was so stupid as to actually donate 500 bucks just before I left because I remembered my promise when our new hall was built and I didn't put the money in. I felt so guilty that I added it in now. I didn't want to be 'stealing' from Jehovah.

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