how much money did you give the borg???

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  • shera

    Enough for a nice lil shopping spree...

  • thom

    ---I hope it was a "PINTO"---
    Hehe, nope, a 4-door Dodge Spirit.
    I always felt guilty for not giving much, as some others have said. I never put money in the contribution box for literature, and I never asked for money at the doors. I'd volunteer to do alot of things but mostly I only gave cash at the conventions and assemblies. If I forgot, I felt bad.
    When I started counting the money at DC's, I didn't feel as bad seeing how much they were getting.

  • JH

    I put about 50$ in the contribution box, not more, but I paid for the cars and the gas it took to sell little magazines, and also It cost about $1500 for suits and shirts, shoes and ties.......and donuts...

  • m. kirov
    m. kirov

    about as much as I gave PETA

    I wonder if it went to any abuse lawsuits?

  • stillajwexelder

    Way too much - my wife still puts in about 100 bucks per month

  • Cygnus

    I very rarely contributed at the Kingdom Hall. I always stuck $20.00 in the box at assemblies or conventions. Way back in the day I always spent too much on food tickets at conventions and would always end up with leftover useless small green pieces of paper.

  • lola28

    Bad Undercover bad. Shame on you!!!! Just kidding.

    Honestly I don't think I have given more than $20. I began to study when I was 14 or so and I didn't have much money,I always felt bad asking my mom for money because she is a single parent and I understood that money was not always available. I would not have felt right taking money from her that could be used to pay bills to donate to the Society, I figured that Jehovah would understand.

    About a year ago there was a special needs talk about donations and how the brothers and sisters had neglegted this loving provision from Jah. The brother went on and on for about 20min, evedently the CO had gone over the books with the accounting servant and they realized that 90% of the congregation was not donating money, they recommended that everyone donate at least one dollar at every meeting. I never did. I have always believed that people should give because they want to and because they can not because some one is telling them to.


  • 95stormfront
    Way too much - my wife still puts in about 100 bucks per month

    My wife would have my foot in her a$$ if I ever found out that much of my money was going to those retards, particularly if it's above the incidentals of transportation and clothing. She's lucky (yeah...I used that word instead of fortunate) I support her WT habit as it is.

  • sunshine2

    when they used to charge for books and magazines....or at least we knew hoch much they cost, I put in what the cost was....25 cent per magazine, a few dollar for books and a few more for videotapes......later I gave less and felt bad, but there were some times when I put 50 Dollar and more, because my husband made good money at the time, and we always gave good at conventions......

    oh well

  • GoingGoingGone

    What always annoyed me was their badly disguised demands for money. You go to meetings and hear entire meeting parts devoted to how important it is to attend meetings. Then you are told that of course, you would want to support the Kingdom Hall financially because we appreciate the meetings and the spiritual food we recieve. Oh, and the assembly is next month..... So then you spend a fortune on transportation and hotel and food for the family to attend the Spiritual Feast and sit still for 3 days straight. And each set of announcements contains the prod that we are so thankful to Jehovah for providing us this Spiritual Feast, are we not? And wouldn't it be fitting to show our appreciation by helping to defray the costs at this convention with our Voluntary Donations.

    Good grief.


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