how much money did you give the borg???

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  • kid-A

    Just curious....because I left before being baptized, my parents handled all the donations and I never gave them a penny. How many posters on this board actually gave large or not so large sums of money to the JWs, either directly, or as 'gifts' to pioneers, COs, etc???

  • Nosferatu

    I gave them $6.00 for a couple of Drama tapes. That's it.

  • thom

    I gave a car to a pioneer. Used to put in $50 at each CA/DC.

  • kid-A


    I hope it was a "PINTO"

  • pratt1

    I gave about 10% of my earnings from when I was in college and working part time, until about 6 years ago when I left.

    I know, I definitely drank the Kool Aid.

    My mom continues to give about 10% of her household earnings to the borg. She has mentioned that she will also leave them money in her will when she dies.

    Since I am the executor of both her's and my father's estate, I will fight with my dying breathe to make sure that the borg recieves nothing on her behalf.

    I have made that clear to both my parents.

  • lonelysheep

    $10 in the contribution box, one time.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    in my entire life? probably a few hundred dollars. bastards.

  • undercover

    Actually, not a lot. I gave more time than cash. Looking back, I'm glad it worked out that way, but at the time I always felt guilty because I never put a lot in the box.

    I never paid for literature after the "donation" arrangement started, never donated to the KH building fund and rarely put in anything for KH upkeep. I kept saying, next meeting, next meeting, but I never carried much cash and for some weird paranoid reason, I was afraid to give them a check with my banking account number on it, so it was rare that cash from my pocket made its way to the box.

    I actually flirted around with the KH monies when I was account servant. I would "borrow" 20 bucks from the cash collected at the hall on some nights so that I could go out to eat after the meeting, then replace it the next day. I never thought to steal from the funds, but "borrowing" never bothered me. Then I heard about a brother that got in trouble at another hall for doing the same thing, so I stopped. I never figured out how he got caught. I guess he told somebody. Dummy.

  • chrissy

    Personally, I'm not as much bothered by the money I gave in donations,...I figure it just about covers production and operations for what I contributed,...but more so is the cash I dropped on things associated with the wts endless supplies of pantyhose (ugh), assembly costs, etc.

    The potential earnings some could have made had they not avoided college or obtained specialized skills via vocational training...I can see how that would be disturbing.

    Gifts given to pioneers.... How can one regret giving a gift?

  • dedpoet

    Too much. Even one pence, and I gave far more than that, would have been more than they were worth

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