Ozzie's weekend Poll #144

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  • ozziepost

    Ozzie, I am gonna pick up a bottle of shiraz this week and try it. Haven't really had the bux lately, but I can afford it now, and am looking forward to tasting this miraculous 'nectar of the gods'. Should I drink it over ice? I understand it is a fortified wine or akin to sherry(?).

    G'day tal,

    Glad to hear you're about to partake! Whatever aussie shiraz you pick, you won't need to add ice - no, no, no! Just open the bottle and savor the sweet aroma , let it 'breathe' for a few minutes (hell, that's just torture!) then pour it out. Ahhhh, heaven!

    I'm not sure what brands you have available, but if you can get get a Penfolds shiraz, I'm sure you will enjoy it. Or a Rosemount - but make sure it's not a 'blend'.

    Cheers, ozzie

  • talesin

    Thanks, Ozzie, I've noted those brands. I didn't realize there was 'blended', and single source ... glad I asked!


  • buffalosrfree

    went with spouse theother day and absolutely nothing has changed the same lies, the same b.s., the same tired faces.

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