Ozzie's weekend Poll #144

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  • alfie

    Change? Are we discussing that date thing again????

    11- The biggest change I've noticed here on the South Coast of B.C. is the number of new cars parked outside the halls. Maybe there is money in cleaning buildings, or else the Society has lightened up on people getting into debt; or maybe more witnesses are ignoring the advice from headquarters.

    3-Other- The witnesses all seem to be so much younger.(I bet they are cleaning big corporate offices and can afford new cars)



  • BrendaCloutier

    If you went back to the Kingdom Hall, what would have changed?

    2. The toilet paper!! Come on - there's better quality toilet paper on the market, just because the Elders don't use it!

    3. The elders? Nah, the scum on top only rearranges itself, but it's still pond scum.

    5. The King of the South Russian Roulette on that one these days

    6. What happened to those in Sodom and Gomorrah. I just salted my french fries with them.

    7. Meeting attendance. Drop the Sales Meeting and the Book Study

    8. The length of sisters' skirts. Allow whatever looks appropriate for the sister!

    9. The length of the brothers' hair. Valis' dreads should be allowed.

    10. They're now welcoming disfellowshipped people. (Just kidding!!) The numbers are dwindling, just reinstate all those they df'd and they'd have their count back up!

    In reality, I couldn't care less!

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I guess I would change all the chairs so they face away from the platform. I think the speaker wouldn't notice.



  • Goldminer

    7.meeting Attendence-definitely much lower around here,and to think at one time they were talking about splitting up the congregation in two or building another hall.I don't think any of that is going to happen soon.


  • dedpoet

    I have'nt been to a kh for a few years now, but I am reliably informed that meeting attendance has dropped considerably, no surprise there, but the wallpaper has, the paintwork has, but the elders attitude remains the same

  • Honesty

    13. Other - The spiritual atmosphere has become much more dimmer.

  • Evanescence
    2. The toilet paper!!

    I sure do hope they change the toilet paper


  • talesin

    I attended three different KHs as a kid/teen. They have all been sold to other religious organizations! So, there is your answer.

    As far as the other stuff, it's been so long ... I would imagine it is all different ... 30 years is a long time (a GOOD long time), and I honestly don't know how it would feel, and have no need to know!

    Ozzie, I am gonna pick up a bottle of shiraz this week and try it. Haven't really had the bux lately, but I can afford it now, and am looking forward to tasting this miraculous 'nectar of the gods'. Should I drink it over ice? I understand it is a fortified wine or akin to sherry(?).

    Any recommendations? Yes, we have the Australian brands here, I've checked it out at the store.


  • katiekitten


    If I went back to KH I would change field service for coffee mornings and whist drives.

    I would change ministerial servants for Chippendales.

    I would change the books they studied in the book study group - to Vogue and Viz, to cure all those fashion criminals and people who had a humour bypass.

    And I would make it aspirational to do a pilgrimage to Glastonbury Festival at least once in your spiritual lifetime. The ultimate aim being to be able to crap in the portaloos. True nirvana.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    If you went back to the Kingdom Hall, what would have changed?

    1. The wallpaper! Actually it was a mural and they got rid of it

    2. The toilet paper!! don't know - last time I was in a hall I just plastered the mirrors with silentlambs business cards

    3. The elders? Yup the ones I knew are all dead now

    4. The talks nah!!!!!! nope same old same old

    5. The King of the South who?

    6. What happened to those in Sodom and Gomorrah. who cares?

    7. Meeting attendance. well it looked a lot bigger but that was because they combined 2 cong into one

    8. The length of sisters' skirts. they change?

    9. The length of the brothers' hair. really?

    10. They're now welcoming disfellowshipped people. (Just kidding!!) yeah right!

    11. Not much. ya think?

    12. Nothing. that about sums it up

    13. Other (there's more??????!!!! - please detail) oh yea If I returned to the same hall now I would be going to a Baptist church or was that Pentacostal?

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