My JW mom and dad

by Cygnus 35 Replies latest jw friends

  • mrsjones5

    Lucky boy

  • kwintestal

    Nice! I'm jealous! My dad wouldn't even put the piece of paper in his hand that said the WTS was an NGO for 10 years! He might have been worried about a paper cut and the demons entering through that or something.


  • Henry

    My Mom and Dad have always been supportive of me as well. Been out since 1997 and nothing's really changed. We've gone on vacations together several times. We live in different states but I talk to them at least once a week. My Dad called me as he was passing through a few weeks back, on his way to seldom worked territory. I don't think that JW parents should ignore their ex-JW children anymore than I would ignore my parents if they were out of the organization and I were still in. Most reasonable JW's feel this way I'm sure.

  • mrsjones5

    Yep that's the word "reasonable". I'm sure those whose parents arent talking to them (myself included) feel that their parents (who mostlikely are jws) are being totally unreasonable.

  • Legolas

    That's great to hear!!

  • Cygnus

    Thanks, everyone. I got some very sad news yesterday though, my choco brown lab, full of life and vibrancy, that went with my girlfriend to Pittsburgh got hit by a car and died. I'm trying to concentrate on the positives in my life, which are many, but the negatives are many too. This is not the time to f**k with me or mi familia.

    Edited to add: This board software is f**ked up. I want to start a new topic and it says I have to wait 21 hours. I have PM'd Simon the last couple of days but he's either ignoring me or too busy to get a handle on his board.

  • Legolas

    Sorry to hear about your dog

  • mrsjones5

    So sorry about your dog Cyggie.

  • Sunspot

    {{{{{ Cygnus }}}}}

    Aww.....I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. It really can bum us out when trying to deal with the death of a pet. Just wanted to send hugs......


  • sf
    my choco brown lab, full of life and vibrancy, that went with my girlfriend to Pittsburgh got hit by a car and died.

    No!!!!!! {crying} Oh my god, poor Marley. She was the sweetest dog. All those times on cam, jumping, playing, hiding beind the kitchen wall. I'm so heart broken to hear this.

    Caty has got to be torn up right now. As I'm sure you are. {{ crying harder and hugging Chaco/ Demon dog right now }}

    I'll try pming her today.

    This is so terrible. Marley was the bestest!

    Cyg, today is my birthday and I never expected such tragedy. My day is ruined.


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