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  • Leolaia

    Share the truth about Jehovah's organization on the internet....

    Oops, I guess in a way, things are still a little the same.

  • lawrence

    My dalmatian dog ate my book bag and shit in my witnessing shoes.

  • sonnyboy

    I sleep back, eat breakfast, watch some TV, and think about doing yard work until it's too dark to actually do any. Then I go for a ride.

  • luna2

    Cuz it's a bunch o' crap and even if it wasn't, it's too hot to go sweating from door to door pestering people. I feel like I live down south or something...hot and muggy every day this summer.

    I really need to pick up my curtains from the cleaner and then I think I'll go to a movie too. I think I check out Wedding Crashers...maybe.

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    Cause the CO's not in town??

    seriously folks....
    Is the goal of the D2D work to find people interested in the god of the WT?
    If the householder is not interested in that particular god (for whatever reason)
    is that person now on death row?

    Before the knock & refusal this person had a chance.
    After ... they are dead - spiritually and physically (any time now at the big A.)

    Seems kind of like murder to me.


  • Mary

    My dalmatian dog ate my book bag and shit in my witnessing shoes.
    ROFLMFAO @ LawrenceROTFL..........Why-------the same thing happened to me this morning! Pooper Scooper
    Honesty said: was just wondering why you weren't out in service at 8:50 this morning as I was making breakfast.
    Well gee whiz Honesty......I waited and waited and waited for you to call me to see if you wanted to work with me in Skervice this morning, but ya never did, so I decided to pluck my eyebrows, go and do my workout at the gym, get a shower and do my hair instead.......ah well, there's alway tomorrow.

  • luna2

    HA! Two of my old friends from the KH just knocked on my door (not just..about 20 min. ago), but I was taking a shower and didn't hear them...so they called me from their cell. Too bad ladies, I'm not dressed, I'm dripping wet, my hair is full of shampoo, and I'm not up for a visit right now. Enjoy your fun in the sun! LMAO!

    I guess it's time for me to stop putting it off and send out some DA letters. It would be best if everybody knows where I stand.

  • damselfly

    So far my Saturday has been great. Slept in, went for coffee. Stopped by the local farmers market, had an awesome veggie dog and bought good yummy vietnamese spring rolls for lunch. Went to town to buy a dress shirt for Mr. Fly. Also found me a skirt and sneakers. YAY! Now I'm just checking in here before I get ready for my friends wedding this afternoon.


  • GentlyFeral

    Not a hell of a lot. Sleep late, garnish the day with a couple of tokes to supplement the pain meds, websurf...

    What I need to do lately is to work on my business website (trust me, I'll post the URL when it's ready!) and continue to read about money management, spiritual power and other improving things. And work on my latest poem (started two years ago, migawd!).

    I've been thinking I need to do some more constructively pleasurable things on the weekends. Cook lazy/fancy brunches, go for walks in the woods... I think today I'll stock up on ethnic groceries. We're all out of eggplant chutney.

    I really like some of the ideas on this thread. I need to get out more. (Billygoat, what are migas?)

    gently feral

  • the_classicist

    Got up at nine this morning. It's now 10am and I still haven't had breakfast. I might go and buy textbooks today, order more books from the internet. I'm listening to the Suite Gothique and it sounds pretty cool.

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