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    k, great idea with the meeting plan. i dont know about taking up a job though. all my friends that went through freshman year didn't work.

  • La Capra
    La Capra

    Once you get to school, you gotta get some kind of a job related to your major so that you are unable to go home on many weekends.

    Go to local meetings here and there, but mix up the congregations (the whole rolling stone gathering no moss thing)

    Here in California, the khaki/sport coat combo was acceptable for meetings. Just keep a selection of sport coats and ties in the trunk of your car. You can slip them on somewhere between the dorm and the hall.

    If your parents are willing to buy you a newer car, just take it. If you feel indebted, or obligated, you can always give it back, or pay them back later.

    Why do you need a blender? Are you a blended margarita junky?

    There are laundry facilities are in the dorms, and a great place to meet girls, if I recall.

    Lots of theft in the dorms, and you are bringing a number of desirable "toys." Please be prudent.

    Did you pack your graphing calculator? Your dictionary and thesaurus? Ear plugs? Condoms?

    You are going to have so much fun. Study hard, become successful, and leave the borg behind.


  • tsunami_rid3r

    the hat, cool or what??? good advice, i think i'll get a clip on tie and just wear it with a buttom shortsleeve and khakies.

  • the_classicist

    The beach look is starting to go out of fashion (at least in my locale), but probably has a year left in it. You should, though, be able to wear something like that only only on summer days and never in the fall or winter, even if it is sunny outside. Springtime is stretching it. Do not wear any hats in fall, winter, or spring.

  • sonnyboy
    The beach look is starting to go out of fashion (at least in my locale), but probably has a year left in it. You should, though, be able to wear something like that only only on summer days and never in the fall or winter, even if it is sunny outside. Springtime is stretching it. Do not wear any hats in fall, winter, or spring.

    WTF? I think someone's watched one too many episodes of Queer Eye.

  • tsunami_rid3r

    also what are some signs, hints that a girl wants you to come over and screw her? im sorry im just plain dumb.

  • Hecklerboy

    On a serious note. Don't forget to get a menongitus shot. Menongitus is really bad in college dorm rooms. This is a very bad thing and you don't want to catch it.

    I envy you dude. I was never allowed to go to college. You have so much to look forward to.

  • rebel8

    You can focus on education and still work part time. It can be done. Full time school takes about 40 hrs a week including classes and studying....more when you're preparing for exams. You have nights and weekends. It's not as if every waking minute is consumed by school. Working a reasonable amount of part time hours won't cut into your education, it will cut into your social life.

    Tell your parents you want the cheaper car. If they won't go for it, then you're stuck with 2 choices--either decline the car altogether or accept what they're offering.

    How do I manage going to the meetings while on living campus? I don't want to be caught wearing a suit, nonetheless caught going to a meeting.
    You could try going to a meeting in a shirt and pants. Maybe put a tie in your pocket and put it on at the last minute. I know a jw that spends half of her time at her vacation home. She goes to a meeting once in a great while and introduces herself to people, then remembers their names. Then when her home cong asks her about people in the other cong, she can speak about them. It seems as though she is actively attending meetings when she's not.
  • doinmypart
    1)Is a seashell necklace wrapped around a cowboy hat cool or what?

    From the pics you posted the shells don't look bad. I say wear ' your thing and it will be cool.

    2)What stuff should I bring to the dorm? So far I've got: portable blender, microwave, fridge, cell phone, bed stuff, toliet stuff, pens and pencils in a cup, laptop, stereo, ipod, printer, clothes, umbrella, sleeping bag, air mattress, condoms, and a PS2. What am I missing?

    Lamp, waste basket, clothes hangers, laundry basket, first aid kit, plastic cups, playing cards

    3)How do I manage going to the meetings while on living campus? I don't want to be caught wearing a suit, nonetheless caught going to a meeting.

    Don't go. Will your parents know? If so, go to the TMS and leave after the #3 talk. Someone usually posts the Service Mtg schedule on this board so you can find out what is scheduled in case your parents ask. Go to 1 or 2 bookstudies a month and skip the rest. Do this for the first semester, and after the Xmas break stop going altogether.

    4)How do I manage going to the meetings? Introduction, "Hi, I'm Chris." "Yeah, I'm living on campus." "Do I have a suit? Well uh..."

    Don't talk to many people at the KH. At first they will be excited to see a new face, but if you go in their with an attitude and being distant they'll leave you alone.

    5)How do I work this out? I have to come home on the weekends to go to Sunday meetings and wash my clothes. I'd like to know a good way around this.

    Go home on Saturday and wash your clothes then. Will your parents cut you off if you don't go to the Sunday meeting? My advice is to wash your clothes, and visit with your parents on another day/time and not go to the meeting; or figure out a way to make enough money so you can go to a laundromat.

    6)Car. I don't want my parents to have me in their control. So I want a used cheap car. There's a used 2002 Honda Civic EX with 54000 miles out there at the dealership. My dad said thats a piece of junk. It was $12000. They wanted to get me a new 2005 Ford Mustang for $22000. I already have a new 2004 GMC single cab truck. I don't like the truck because I look short in it, so I definitely want to get a car. I'm probably getting a new 2005 Honda VP for $15000, but I really want the 2002 for $12000. Is this a wise decision? Suggestions?

    Get the '02 Civic, if it checks out clean. Man, you've got plenty of time to have any ride you want later. Best to get something cheaper, rather than relying on the parents. You also asked for your truck paid for? If so, do you want to reconsider keeping it at least for the first year until you can get settled into college life? That is what I would do.

    7)Money. Now I have a $500 credit card, and I have a checking and savings account, but it's going to be empty once I get my school stuff like backpack, shirts, supplies. I'm not working when I'm down there because I need to focus on education, and that means no income whatsoever. I definitely don't want to depend on the parents right now. I'm kind of confused right now because my dad wants me to have a normal life, and my mom wants me to be a good little Jehovah's Witness. They conflict, and I hate it. I'm going to have to eat something down there, and resupply myself. But they will pay my bills like insurance, and cell phone if I attend the meetings down there. That's like $400 total because I wrecked 3 times. What can I do?

    Your dad doesn't sound like a staunch JW. If he wants you to have a normal life, will he really enforce the "attend meetings for financial support rule"? Parents have expectations for their children, sometimes we dissapoint. If you don't want your parents conflicting over you, then my advice is to...go with the cheapest transportation (even if that means keeping your truck as I mentioned earlier), carry no more than a 15 hour class load, get a part-time job, don't go to the meetings, pay your own bills, buckle down and get things done. Other than that as long as you depend on them for something, they'll be able to hold that over your head.

  • Thegoodgirl

    Sounds like your parents live in the same town as your college. You have to take a stand at some point. Just say class schedule keeps conflicting. Go to a few sunday meetings, then less and less until you only show up to the memorial. when people try to encourage you, just say, "I know, I know, I'll try."

    I like that hat, so cute.

    MOney: Are your parents paying for college? How about donating plasma. In my college town it was $20 first time, $40 second time, and $25 each time thereafter. YOu can sit there and study for the hour or two that it takes. Quick cash for just a quick owie in the arm.

    About screwing girls. Don't worry too much, the time will come very shortly. If you rush it, you'll end up in a long-term relationship that you really didnt' want. YOu'll get invited to go out or go to some awesome parties, and a girl will be flirting with you, and if you say do you want to come over and she says yes, it means she wants to have sex. But don't ask too soon after meeting her. Wait a few hours, at least. And drink, but don't drink more than 2 or tops 3 drink per hour, or you'll get alcohol poisoning and die. (Just an estimate, but you're at that vulnerable age.) NO DRINKING AND DRIVING!!!!!!

    Join everything at school, that's the way to make friends and learn new stuff too. You'll be way cooler than just what the hat does for you. There is something for everyone. Volunteer things where you go away on spring break and do a volunteer trip for the week. I think it was paid for, can't remember. And a good excuse not to go home and preach and go to meetings. But so much fun, the best memories of mine.

    Buy the 2002 Honda. Why spend 10,000 that you don't have?

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