How much school did you miss as a kid because of JW issues?

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  • LittleToe

    Gawd, Bradley. What are you today, the exageration police?

    We discussed evolution for like two weeks (and I just had to make an issue of it, huh?).

    I didn't miss much school over being a JW. Only a few days here and there for District Conventions. Though I did leave at 16, to Pioneer, so I guess that's two more I could have got and had to later catch up on.

  • blondie

    By the time I lived in this country with schools that had many social events, it didn't matter. We didn't have the money to go to these extracurricular things. (BTW my father wasn't a JW)

    I wasn't excused for any science segment; obviously the JWs that write the science articles in the Awake must have some knowledge of evolution and it hasn't harmed them. I was only excused for the flag salute and national anthem part of the assembly coming in after that.

    As far as taking long vacations, I saw many non-JWs do that, getting time off to go hunting, etc.

    Homeschooling was not an option in my day. I did miss being in band/orchestra but that was due to only being able to take 6 classes a day (the school didn't think I could handle 7; they realized they were wrong too late).


  • rebel8
    Your statement above is, to be blunt, very suspect.

    Instead of calling me a liar, which is in essence what you did, it would have been more polite ask questions to clarify.

    So clarify is what I'll do.

    Feel free to look back on my other posts about my mother and you will see how obviously mentally ill she is. My mother looked through my textbooks and felt that much of it secretly promoted evolution. She is ignorant and crazy and most likely misinterpreted much of the class content. Check my OP where I asked if this was other people's experience or if it was just my crazy mother's BS:

    I know my mother has mental health issues, so maybe it's just me that had this experience.

    I was taken out of Science classes. That is an unexaggerated fact. I had to sit alone in the lab area and do special writing assignments in order to pass the class.

  • rebel8
    the New System bound to be here by 1986 (the International year of Peace and Security)...

    I had forgotten all about that! That was the yr I graduated from high school. That was the rhetoric for me not being allowed to go to college.

  • Preston
  • In elementary school, I went home early any day they celebrated someone's b'day or had any holiday celebration.
  • Taken out of Health classes for entire weeks while they discussed puberty and sex education. Could not even stay for discussions of menstruation.
  • Taken out of Science classes, again for entire months while they discussed evolution.
  • Forced to drop Science in high school for same reason. Had to take extra Science classes in college in order to get a degree.
  • Taken out of Music classes whenever they sung anything offensive, which was all the time. Not just holiday stuff either. I was taken out for an entire semester because the class was re-enacting a play in which one of the characters said someone was "flat chested". (Of course there was no problem forcing me to spend entire summers with my foul-mouthed jw cousins who said much worse.)
  • Taken out of gym classes because of refusal of preventative medical care to keep my blood disorder in check. (not that I minded missing gym!)
  • Missed months of school at a time for the same reason. Too sick to go to school. Almost got held back a grade in 1975 for this reason, while my jw mother was in the fervent 'Armageddon is coming this yr, who needs doctors' phase. She ended up convincing school officials to waive the attendance requirements and let me work at home. I don't know how she managed that one.
  • rebel8,

    Your parents were Vlad the Impaler and Molly Hatchet

    - Preston

  • rebel8

    Actually my dad is normal but wasn't involved enough to realize what was going on.

    I don't know who those people are, but this kinda does look like my mom.


  • InquiryMan

    To me to be honest, some of the things explained here, seems to exceptions. At least in my experience, few, if any I know have experienced anything that bear resemblence to the things explained here. But, perhaps, we’re more lax about things in Europe...

  • logansrun
    Feel free to look back on my other posts about my mother and you will see how obviously mentally ill she is.

    Then perhaps the real issue is your mother, not the JWs per se.


  • rebel8

    Maybe. That's why I asked that very question in my OP. I have no way of knowing how much of it was JW related until I ask other former JWs.

  • BrendaCloutier

    In elementary school I was allowed to join choir and sing whatever the repretoir was, but not allowed to perform on stage any of the religious or political material. I was allowed to sit in the back of the room for birthdays but not allowed to join in... the teacher always felt sorry for me and would give me a piece of cake or cookies or whatever and I'd promise not to tell my parents - I never did. I was allowed to join in on some holiday stuff if it was part of regular curricular activity, but no extra stuff. Of course, no standing for national anthem, no flag salute, etc. But I managed to have my fun anyway.

    Health class in 5th grade with sex education was the only place I learned about sex. And contraception!

    Biology and science my parents felt it was good to know what evolution was so I could refute it in service.

    I was pulled out of H.S. after my sophomore year in 1973 to go into the ministry and preach as much as possible that the Big A was coming in 1975. I was bribed into it being MY choice with a car! So I missed 2 good years of HS. When I was bored and sick of FS - I'm a lousy sales person - I wanted to go back to school, but my parents told me I had made my choice and I had to live with it. I asked to be sent to business school or art school, but I didn't need any more education because Big A was coming and I wouldn't need it afterwards. Besides, I had enough education to be a minister or a wife.......

    At least I didn't turn out to be a janitor or housecleaner. I got my GED and started working in an office and took to computers early on.

    I now have my Master's Degree from S.T.P.U. Seat of The Pants University!

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